I want a boyfriend like Rory Slippery

no, lets rephrase that, 

i want Rory Slippery to be my boyfriend.

or Benedict Cumberbatch

ok fine, i want Benedict to be my boyfriend and to wear this jumper as pyjamas because its really cute, and i want Benedict to act like Rory Slippery.

rephrase that too, he probably is already sweet like that

Conclusion: I want Benedict Cumberbatch a little too much, however he is to be honest. <3

 im rambling now i know,

but, yep. that’ll do nicely!

Benedict's Thesaurus

Introducing the first batch of words supposedly said by Benedict Cumberbatch in this inverview. Don’t forget to use them during your fancy-waffle time.

(These aren’t the usual “big” words Benedict likes to use so much, but for non-native speakers trying to improve their English skills, these words might be handy. Feel free to submit any video or interview with Benedict using the “proper/clever/big” words, we will include it here. The explanations of the particular words were transcribed from my Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. If you disagree with what it says, drop me an ask with the correct definition.)

  • oscillate – to keep changing from one extreme of feeling or behaviour to another, and back again 
  • niche – a comfortable or suitable role, job, way of life, etc.
  • consumerism – the buying and using of goods and services; the belief that it is good for a society or an individual person to buy and use a large quantity of goods and services
  • po-faced – looking very serious and as though you do not approve of sb/sth
  • hallowed – (only before noun), respected and important 
  • well-trodden – much used

That’s enough for a start, I guess! There’ll be more coming soon.