Sorry for the crappy photos. This was supposed to be a small collection of cool people I know on tumblr but two others I wanted to do did not have photos available as far as I could tell. Anyhow, these are me internet pals AHR, Dumbass Slacker, Gabriel, and Wack’d. I wanted to do L Mage and Something Fangirly too but as a said, no pics available.

AHR looks the way they do becuase in all the years I’ve known them I have had some weird begrudging respect for their anonymity so I always drew them as their signature eye Symbol thus AHR’s face.

Day Eighteen (June 16, 2014)

The complete text of this session, unabridged, can be found here.

The Plot
The companions decide to go investigate a different range of caves.

You can read the story starting from this session here.

The Map
See here.

During the Week
Due to Wack’d’s dad’s birthday and Father’s Day both falling on Sunday, the game is moved to Monday at 3:45. As a consequence, SF cannot make it and AHR is a firm maybe.

Hour One (3:46PM – 5:00PM)
Bocaj, unnoun, and Wack’d arrive. unnoun elaborates on her evening plans. TParadox arrives, and Mukora joins the group from Spain. TParadox posts a Spider-Man meme prompting a discussion of which characters assorted players are.

nomuru2d arrives. unnoun discusses writing the story sections with Wack’d. It’s debated whether to wait on AHR, and a long period of indecisiveness ends when she contacts Wack’d via Facebook to inform her she’ll be unavailable.

The game begins and is quickly derailed by an argument over whether Morningites have fur before resuming.

Hour Two (5:00PM – 6:00PM)
The game continues slowly. Gurgle’s name is discussed. Bocaj leaves for dinner. nomuru2d leaves to cut the grass.

Hour Three (6:00PM – 7:00PM)
Wack’d goes to get dinner, and returns, as do Bocaj and nomuru2d. TParadox leaves. unnoun leaves for dinner.

Hour Four (7:00PM – 8:00PM)
TParadox returns.

Hour Five (8:00PM – 9:00PM)
unnoun continues to be gone, and this is speculated upon. Spider-Man comics are discussed. Big day for Spider-Man. For actual roleplaying, not so much.

Hour Six (9:00PM – 10:26PM)
Spider-Man discussion continues, and discussion of the new Godzilla picks up. Mukora goes to get dinner, and unnoun returns. Wack’d begins teasing a system for increasing roleplaying productivity. 

Mukora returns, and The True Meaning of Smekday and it’s impending adaptation. Wack’d reveals his system, which is to call people’s names at random every so often and require them to post when he does so.

It’s decided it’s too late to continue. Everybody leaves.


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wackd: In hindsight I should’ve gone with “and if you’re in need of a villain or a crazed maniac, you know the guy to call on is Urbaniak.”

I love this song and cna listen to it for so long

On with the show I’m from G’Aloot Praktaw, it’s Onus that I owe!
I’ll bring the whimsy and mirth!
It’s okay I’m from Earth
And let’s get on with the show!

anonymous said:

Could you explain to me how the accusations of RTD and Moffat being racist/sexist came to be, the evidence thereof, and whether or not you agree with these claims?

I don’t know how they came to be, but really, such accusations can come from anywhere. I mean, are you really that surprised that they would come about?

Anyone with the inclination to analyze media with a critical eye can come to certain conclusions about the person writing it based on the content, style, tone, syntax, themes, etc, etc.

Obviously most of it is conjecture but most interesting conversations come from such analysis and can have a basis in truth if you draw the right comparisons to the person’s real life actions and perceptions of the world as well having enough bodies of work to draw conclusions from based on things that are the similar throughout.

Accusations of RTD’s sexism comes from the consistency of empowering women in one way or another and then having to forcibly take it away becuase they can’t handle it or some lark and ultimately making the Doctor the one true hero of everything, all the mothers are selfish naggy jerks, as well as making the women’s lives revolve around the Doctor(Which I can see and agree with, but I accused first Moffat of doing that to a greater degree). I don’t really know all the details, I have only just been told these things myself in the past few months, I’ve always been more concerned with the Moffat side of things since he infuriates me the most.

In addition to some very poor things he has said in interviews, it is easy to draw that to his writing and create the perception that, however unintentional it may be, he is probably sexist. I do not attribute any of his actions to malice, only ignorance, perhaps willfully so.

I mean I never had to turn this into an essay or anything before and I may need to call upon ahr42p for backup and Wack’d to try to dispute my claims, and obviously there are smarter and more through people who have done there better than me, but here goes my take I guess:

I suppose I noticed first was that he seemed to be writing women mostly all the same. The personality traits, attitudes, and manner of speaking for Dalek!Oswin, Victorian!Clara, Liz 10, Amy, and River seemed to be seem some distilled mishmash amalgam of the popular perception of how one is “supposed to” write a “Strong Independent Woman” giving them not much in terms of personal nuances. It’s all the same overly flirty, bi-curious but ultimately straight, fast talking, sassy woman that just happens to be really really clever. Good traits to have, but when when you do the same thing over and over again, people begin to notice.

Then there’s the whole “Their lives revolve around the Doctor” theme I noticed as well, the entire plot of Girl in the Fireplace was Madame pompador growing from childhood to death with the Doctor as a constant presence. I mean At first it wasn’t all, just a crappy and skipable Series 2 episodes. Then Amy and River came along who had the exact same interactions only in River’s case she was conditioned to be obsessed with the Doctor so she had no choice but to be in love with and obsess over him, but these are all his themes. Then there’s Clara, who, through an unconvincing self-sacrifice, had her entire existence revolve around all the Doctor’s lives. All these women whose lives seem to be centered around this one dude.

Next on the lest in terms of life revolving I suppose would have to be Amy, and that poorly written subplot he did about the divorce that made no sense and was not based on Amy’s happiness or anything, but becuase she was infertile and was sad she would not be able to give Rory a child. Nothing to do with her and her interests, everything to do with trying to please Rory even though he didn’t even mind. Not good.

I get the feeling I had one or two more points but I cannot remember them right now.

Anyhow, not sure where to go with this next, I will say that I sort of agree with these claims, but it’s not just  a problem with RTD and Moffat specifically, there are many factors including society, upbringing, culture, and not just for them but for many other writers of many other media. And whatever sexism there is, most of the time it is less malice and more “not knowing any better”, but it is sometimes more difficult to argue “benefit of the doubt” points of view without looking like an apologist.

wackd said:

Also, go listen to Thrilling Adventure Hour. It's great. Mostly. Beyond Belief is. Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars is when it's not being kinda racist. Amelia Erhart: Fearless Flier is about the titular character having faked her death, fighting Nazis and being a lesbian, so that's awesome. It's also got Nathan Fillon, Alan Tudyk, Clark Gregg, Karen Gillan, and like half the casts of Community and Freaks & Geeks.

…. That is a lot of awesome actors that I like and am aware of. The Thrilling Adventure Hour suddenly sounds a lot more interesting.

Day Fifteen (May 24th, 2014)

The complete text of this session, unabridged, can be found here.

The Plot
Ellie and Hal attempt to come up with a name for the latter. Nothing else of consequence happens.

You can read the story starting from this session here.

The Map

During the Previous 24 Hours
Mukora can’t make it, but then we knew that already.

Hour One (11:33AM – 12:00PM)
Wack’d and unnoun arrive. Wack’d briefly complains about his difficulties getting in touch with AceBallBat (hereafter Something Fangirly where these logs are concerned), and Wack’d and unnoun discuss what the plan is for the session since Mukora won’t be showing up. unnoun asks after Brom’s specific year of origin in hopes of incorporating a Faction Paradox plot element.

Hour Two (12:00PM – 1:00PM)
unnoun elaborates on her planned plot element for Wack’d, who is then logged out. Upon logging back in the two encounter 2NLAAAJ8D, who says nothing but has an @ sign designating him an administrator of the room. The mystery person enters and exits without saying a word. It turns out to be a phantom account of Wack’d’s triggered by his being logged out.

Bocaj arrives.

Hour Three (1:00PM – 2:00PM)
Bocaj and Wack’d briefly discuss X-Men: Days of Future Past and Lucy. Wack’d goes to get food.

Hour Four (2:00PM – 3:00PM)
Wack’d returns. TParadox arrives.

Hour Five (3:00PM – 4:00PM)
nomuru2d arrives almost immediately after Wack’d wonders aloud where he is. Bocaj says “Hey now” after being slapped by nomuru2d, triggering a discussion of the song “All Star” and Mystery Men, the song it was tied into and eventually eclipsed.

It’s decided that the game will start, so naturally it fails to, as TParadox needs to drive to work. A few of the players—not Wack’d—begin to joke about killing off Brom.

Hour Six (4:00PM – 5:00PM)
TParadox returns, and the game starts, only to almost immediately be derailed into a debate over the material the TARDIS floor is made of.

Wack’d acknowledges that the game has lost a severe amount of momentum, and begins to take suggestions for ways to fix this, specifically entertaining the idea of swapping the game out of Saturdays and onto Sundays, when Bocaj isn’t working. unnoun says she normally runs errands and such on Sundays, but everyone else appears to be fine with the change.

Hour Seven (5:00PM – 6:00PM)
Changing the time is debated, and other days of the week are entertained before Sundays at 3 are apparently settled on.

Attempts to return to the game are scuttled first by the party’s usual brand of inactivity and then by Wack’d’s dislike of actually playing the Doctor and trying to dictate everyone’s activities. Wack’d then announces his dad wants to take him to dinner.

Hour Eight (6:00PM – 7:00PM)
Wack’d’s decided to take his dad up on his dinner offer, and plans to leave at about 6:30 and then come back after an hour, maybe two. ResetRory shows up. Mukora is briefly complained about. Wack’d leaves.

Hour Nine (7:00PM – 8:00PM)
ResetRory asks if anyone is here. Bocaj announces he is.

Hour Ten (8:00PM – 9:12PM)
Wack’d returns and finds nomuru2d missing and unreachable. ResetRory announces he liked “Deception of the Cybermen”. Wack’d gives nomuru2d fifteen minutes to return before calling it a night. He doesn’t.

Everyone leaves.

wackd said:

I feel like the Series 7 finale sorted everything out. The Silence blew up the TARDIS to prevent him from going to his tomb. They didn't count on him not being in it. When that didn't work, they took River. They don't do simple, clearly. (I know some people want to know the exact mechanics, but that--like wondering how Starship Scotland took off--is an exercise in futility. This is, after all, Doctor Who. Whatever answer we got wouldn't make sense anyway.)

I don’t care if it didn’t make sense, I just want to know how. Like they threw something into her heart, went to the beginning of her creation and put a time bomb into her eye of harmony, turned the cloister bell into a resonator that would ring at the exact frequency of the TARDIS interior, just AN answer. You know, simple things like how they broke in and what caused the TARDIS to blow up. It doesn’t need to be complicated, it doesn’t need to make sense, it just needs to be a thing that is answered.

And you know what? In a way, that does make sense. It’s extremely roundabout and feels almost too indirect to be a thing but I get it, the Doctor’s timeline is long and dangerous and any interference could have serious ramifications on the universe.

I mean by the end of series 7 what the Silence was up to sort of seems secondary, but I guess we have an answer, don’t we? Thank you, Wack’d.

Day Twelve (May 3, 2014)

The complete text of this session, unabridged, can be found here.

The Plot
None. Just kinda bummed around today.

The Map
Of what?

During the Week
Mukora couldn’t make it due to emergency rehearsals, though no one remembers this. unnoun announced she will be late due to a baby shower.

Hour One (3:05PM – 4:00PM)
Bocaj and nomuru2d arrive. nomuru2d mentions that Wack’d will be late due to Free Comic Book Day. TParadox arrives.

Wack’d arrives a half an hour in and talks about his FCBD experience, leading to other folks to compare their own. TParadox begins reading Shortpacked!.

Hour Two (4:00PM – 5:00PM)
Discussion of Shortpacked! continues, with a brief diversion into Animaniacs. TParadox talks about his plans for a sitcom set in a coffee shop, which leads to discussion of Community. Bocaj goes to get dinner.

Hour Three (5:00PM 6:00PM)
Shortpacked! and Dumbing of Age. Bocaj has started reading Redwall, and TParadox discusses his experience with Ender’s Game.

unnoun arrives, and Mukora’s absence is speculated upon. unnoun discusses her experience at the baby shower, and the copping of baby-feels and gifts are discussed. Alcoholism is discussed. Wack’d puts up part of the transcript for unnoun and grumbles about his Dark Shadows blog.

Hour Four (6:00PM 7:00PM)
nomuru2d starts grumbling about there being a Doozers show now and elects to watch V for Vendetta on BBC America.

unnoun asks about Faction Paradox comics at FCBD, which leads to a discussion about how awful Cerebus the Aardvark is. Wack’d reveals that Mukora has told him about the rehearsals and realizes he’d already been told.

nomuru2d mentions that Stephen Fry plays a daytime sketch comedian in V, leading to a discussion of when shows air. Bocaj makes an offhand Homestuck reference, leading to some speculation on the state of Trickster Cal and Homestuck's pause. Wack'd brings up the Daytime Emmys, which becomes a conversation about Rasputin and soap operas.

Hour Five (7:00PM 8:00PM)
The TV talk continues, but Wack’d mistakenly referring to Britian as England turns the conversation to the subject of Ireland’s relation to the nation and the difficulties that would occur should North Ireland rejoin Ireland.

The first summoning occurs with Bloody Mary arriving, followed swiftly by Beetlejuice.

Redwall and Cerebus are discussed again. Philip Sandifer is summoned, though not the one from TARDIS Eruditorium and The Last War in Albion, but instead a farmer.

unnoun suggests summoning an Eldritch being as she’s always wanted to have sex with one, leading to a blanket ban on sex in the game.

Hour Six (8:00PM 9:00PM)
It’s jokingly suggested that unnoun’s niece is Sister of Mine, leading to unnoun asking the Family of Blood not be brought up in-game. Bocaj relocates.

nomuru2d mocks an Old Spice commercial, causing unnoun to summon what according to nomuru2d is a sentient thing of Old Spice deodorant typing with no hands. unnoun begs TParadox not to summon Malkovitch, leading her to inadvertently summon No. nomuru2d summons “the baby” next, followed by Waluigi, with increasingly diminishing results and  the beginnings of deep-seated irritation. unnoun’s remark of “good riddance” every time something summoned leaves leads to the arrival of Good riddance because of fucking course it does. Wack’d threatens to kick anyone who preforms a summoning out of the room. In the meantime, TParadox has disappeared, sparking paranoia and accusations as Bocaj returns. unnoun tries to summon TParadox and Mukora, only for atemporalparadox to show up instead. Tensions escalate and deescalate.

unnoun mentions that the game still hasn’t been played, and Wack’d and nomuru2d mention they need to be out by 11:30 for Toonami.

Hour Seven (9:00PM 10:00PM)
Bocaj and unnoun enquire as to the nature of the #tvtropestoonami room. unnoun heads to bed. nomuru2d logs off just in time for TParadox to return, leading to jovial accusations that one is the other’s secret identity. TParadox reveals he left in order to prove his innocence. Wack’d ushers everyone out.

Everybody leaves.

Day Ten (April 16th, 2014)

The complete text of this session, unabridged, can be found here.

The Plot
In this prequel story, the Doctor, Zinnia and Cousin Ellie encounter Hal for the first time as they attempt to find medicine for Brom and attempt to rescue em from eir corporate owners.

You can read the story starting from this session here.

The Map
None this time.

During the Week
Wednesday was definitively settled on for a date for a mid-week session, though unfortunately Mukora couldn’t make it.

Hour One (3:35PM – 5:00PM)
Wack’d and TParadox arrive, and speculate on where everyone else is and what we’ll be doing this session. nomuru2d arrives, though he’s busy with his student loans. TParadox heads over to work as Bocaj and unnoun arrive. unnoun remarks on how uncharacteristically quiet the room is, to which Wack’d responds that there’s no order to unravel.

Having settled roughly on a prequel, how exactly nomuru2d will fit in to the narrative is discussed, with Wack’d suggesting he create a new character who left at some point before the main story and unnoun suggesting he could play the Doctor. Wack’d’s unfond of the idea, being as he is a bit of a control freak, and nomuru2d rejects it because he doesn’t have a good enough handle on it to work out how he’d do it.

TParadox begins jokingly spitballing various Doctor Who AUs we could play instead as unnoun frets over her depiction of Cousin Ellie. The suggestion of a high school AU gets everyone’s attention, and though we all agree the idea is terrible we begin fleshing it out nevertheless. This detours briefly into a discussion of Batman Beyond.

More AUs are suggested. Given that nomuru2d is busy, Wack’d suggests they proceed without him. nomuru2d is fine with this.

Hour Two (5:00PM – 6:00PM)
The details of the prequel scene begin to fall into place, with Cousin Ellie being an early candidate for the subject. This is coupled with a brief discussion of the Doctor’s privilege. Ultimately, it’s decided Wack’d doesn’t have enough Faction Paradox knowledge to run such a scene properly.

The subject of the prequel campaign comes down to either Hal or Zinnia, which leads to a discussion of whose backstory has the most worldbuilding done for it. TParadox talks about his problems with playing Hal in general, which ultimately leads to Wack’d coming up with an origin campaign for him.

More pronoun slip-ups lead to a discussion of why such slip-ups tend to use male pronouns. As the campaign is fleshed out there’s some discussion of the narrative failing that is the Doctor’s occasionally omnipotent nature.

The game starts.

Hour Three (6:00PM – 7:00PM)
There’s a brief discussion of Zinnia’s lack of accessories this session. A mention of the “thing that goes ding” from “Blink” leads to a debate over how exactly Zinnia’s people reproduce. unnoun quibbles with the idea of a console in a scientific laboratory having unlabeled buttons, and begins attempting to explain her need to hack it.

Hour Four (7:00PM – 8:00PM)
unnoun begins attempting to logic her way into hacking the console, which is not supposed to be connected to any greater network. Wack’d ultimately relents seeing as its the only way to keep the plot moving.

Dr. Conniff is settled on as the name of the lab worker in Hal’s room.

Bocaj and unnoun briefly disappear.

Hour Five (8:00PM – 9:00PM)
Bocaj and TParadox briefly disappear.

There’s some confusion over whether or not Hal was turned off, and ultimately it’s decided that e wasn’t.

unnoun asks for some setting details and receives them.

Hour Five (9:00PM – 10:00PM)
unnoun decides this place has weird janitors.

Bocaj needs to relocate. unnoun begins to have moral qualms about Ellie sedating Dr. Conniff by kissing her, given there were better ways and that this is pretty much sexual assault. TParadox decides that when he gets back to his computer he’s going to try and create a sound effect for Ellie’s shadow-Dalek-gun, and Torchwood is briefly discussed.

Wack’d falls ill. Like, seriously ill. Later that week he will be taken to the emergency room and given a CAT scan, which will reveal a viral infection in his lower lymph nodes. He begins to attempt to contact the health center on campus in the interm, and then heads off to sleep.

Everybody leaves.

Day Six (March 22, 2014)

The complete text of this session, unabridged, can be found here.

The Plot
In the wake of the Doctor’s evident demise, Ellie shows Janeth around the TARDIS—specifically, around her library, where they discover the Doctor’s will.

You can read the story starting from this session here.

The Map
To quote unnoun, “I think trying to draw a coherent, static map of the TARDIS is the way of madness.”

During the Previous 24 Hours
Mukora reveals somewhat last-minute that he won’t be able to make today’s session either, leaving only unnoun and nomuru2d.

Hour One (2:30PM3:00PM)
Wack’d and unnoun arrive. Wack’d informs unnoun that Mukora won’t be able to make it. They briefly discuss boredom and Of the City of the Saved.

nomuru2d arrives, and unnoun calls back to Mukora’s remark on Day One that four or more people would probably work best as she requests we invite more players. Laura, emeriin, Philip “The Eruditorium Guy” Sandifer, and Mr. AHR are all suggested as options. Wack’d mentions that Mr. AHR had previously been vetoed, but unnoun decides she would no longer have a problem with her joining.

Hour Two (3:00PM4:00PM)
unnoun decides not to invite Mr. AHR after all, and the game proceeds.

The state of the TARDIS is briefly discussed, as are souffles. The rather warped nature of Janeth’s origins are discussed, as the reason Janeth’s appearance is so inexplicable is because it deviated from what Wack’d and nomuru2d had previously seemed to have decided on.

Pronoun trouble arises with regards to the Doctor’s changing gender.

There’s a brief dispute over how knowledgeable Janeth should be expected to be with regards to the Time Agency.

There’s some discussion over the mapping of the TARDIS, resulting in the quote in the Map section of today’s post.

unnoun decides it’d be more fun to have Wack’d decide what’s behind each door than the characters opening them, though Janeth’s noting of a ticket booth manages to pay off later.

Hour Three (4:00PM5:00PM)
There’s a brief discussion of spelling errors.

Wack’d and unnoun have a bit of an argument of how much of Faction Paradox counts due to Wack’d having some issues with the series’ ideology and also being a stubborn poopface. This leads to some issues with linear time, as the Time Lords are now in existence again which might cause some problems for Ellie’s background.

Hour Four (5:00PM6:00PM)
unnoun takes a bathroom break.

unnoun links to this post with regards to the multiple wills of Dr. Simeon. 

Hour Five (6:00PM7:04PM)
Yet more pronoun trouble, this time in-universe, which causes some confusion as unnoun becomes convinced she made yet another error.

There’s lots of confusion over the gift-wrapped box Ellie finds in the ticket booth room and its significance. Wack’d explains some of it, but ultimately unnoun sorts it out herself.

The game ends on a cliffhanger, and with both nomuru2d and unnoun tearing up over the course of events. Wack’d drinks their tears. Their sweet, sweet tears. So nourishing. Wack’d is not some sort of tear-drinking hellbeast. Ignore that.

Everybody leaves.

Day Two (March 1, 2014)

The complete text of this session, unabridged, can be found here.

The Plot
The Doctor is spontaneously spirited away. Zinnia figures out how to work the sonic screwdriver, and with some help from the TARDIS database narrows her abductors down to the Cybermen. Cousin Ellie manages to pilot the TARDIS to the Cybermen’s nearest ship, where it promptly lands in a small room. They scour the Doctor’s other jacket pockets for supplies, and manage to come away with a gold locket among other things.

You can read the story starting from this session here.

The Map


The box marked T is the TARDIS. The circles marked C are Cybermen. The extra-thick lines are doors. The blackness is what the players are unaware of.

During the Week
Laura, due to issues with time zones and Internet connection, decides to leave the game. 1PM is decided upon as a good time to meet up, but unnoun announces somewhat last-minute that she has a doctor’s appointment at 2PM. It’s decided to start meeting at 1 and then just start whenever everyone’s arrived.

Hour One (1:00PM2:00PM)
Wack’d opens the channel, and Bocaj and Mukora arrive. Wack’d discusses difficulty opening the scene on a cliffhanger, since it would mean giving the players the choice to explore a world they should already be familiar with.

Hour Two (2:00PM – 3:00PM)
Wack’d decides the planet on which the opening scene takes place is lifeless and uninhabited. TParadox arrives. Things are sorted out about Hal and Zinnia’s backstories. Wack’d announces he’s finished drafting the opening to much fanfare, probably sarcastic.

Hour Three (3:00PM4:00PM)
unnoun arrives. TParadox laments his broken Steam software and is given advice. unnoun declares that she’s not as bored as she was last week and therefore less enthused.

The game starts. From here, only out-of-character details are listed. The story so far will be documented here.

Some time is spent figuring out how the sonic screwdriver relays information and how many characters IRC will let you type.

Hour Four (4:00PM5:00PM)
Due to a typo it’s suggested that the TARDIS displays might now be water-based. Some fun is had at the expense of the players abandoning the psychic paper. Musik decides to sit in. unnoun reveals a one-off joke about her character holding a seance might’ve actually come in handy. TParadox is briefly cut off.

Hour Five (5:00PM6:00PM)
Some time is spent debating the Cyberman that wandered into the TARDIS during Earthshock and never came out again, and whether or not the party’s aware of it. Mukora has pronoun trouble. unnoun announces she’s getting hungry.

Hour Six (6:00PM 7:00PM)
The party’s field of vision from the closet in which they are trapped is discussed. People break for food.

Hour Seven (7:00PM8:00PM)
Wack’d gets food and maps out the Cyberstation the party is on. unnoun goes to get food.

Hour Eight (8:00PM9:00PM)
Mukora has not had food due to forgetting to turn things on. Bocaj returns from eating with someone who took longer than expected.

Hour Nine (9:00PM10:05PM)
unnoun returns from eating, and Wack’d wraps up the session. unnoun is told she did spectacularly despite the fact that she claims she had no idea what was going on. Mukora says he had trouble coming up with things for Brom to do. 3PM-6:30PM are decided upon as reasonable hours for subsequent sessions. unnoun claiming to have been “winging it” results in a long, rambling argument about which bird has the longest wingspan.

Wack’d announces his intention to do art of the various characters, which leads to a discussion of Cousin Ellie’s outfit. Wack’d figures Zinnia looks like a crane when Bocaj draws a blank.

Mukora says he’s not sure how good his internet connection will be next weekend and it’s decided it’d be easy to just have Brom wander off. Wack’d struggles not to give away the Cybermen’s masterplan when Mukora reveals he was thinking of having Brom just run up to a Cyberman. Mukora decides Brom looks like a slightly smaller version of Andre the Giant.

Wack’d decides he thinks Hal looks like Paul McGann. TParadox concurs.

Everybody leaves.

wackd said:

What would I have to do to get you to watch Invader Zim and liveblog it? I was thinking we could do a trade, unnoun/Cal style.

I wasn’t aware Cal and unnoun were in some sort of exchange. Wait… Is that why I’ve seen posts of unnoun forcing herself through Homestuck even though she clearly doesn’t care for it?

Ya know what, let’s not, I wouldn’t want to do that to ya, mate. I’ll just pick up Zim on my own, no deals necessary.