Check this out. Ignore my weird face. But I’ve got a problem, you can probably see it already. It’s my hair. I’ve never really used the hair type map to distinguish my hair but I figure it is maybe a combination of 3b/3c. If you think differently let me know. But anyways this is what I always get, just a big poof, not much definition really. I usually use just coconut conditioner by organix but it seems to not be enough anymore. My hair is very long and very thick so I need something that can dry faster than what I’m using so I’m not walking around with water on my neck and shoulders. I’m also a college students so cheap methods please. I usually love my staple product curl sealer by Taliah Waajid but I can’t find it everywhere and it’s pricing and not enough. I go through like a jar after two uses. That’s not enough. So please fellow naturals. Even though I’ve been natural for about 4 years now I still have no clue what I’m doing. Help much appreciated.

Self challenge

To try make sure the majority of hair products I buy are from black owned businesses or in some way or form benefit black entrepreneurs. That being said I need to buy shampoo and conditioner today (along with some oils for my hot oil treatment) so I’m going to stick with kinky curly (whose creator is a WOC Shelley David) or Taliah Waajid products (self named products, also a WOC). I’ve tried both products lines before and I absolutely love them. In fact Kinky Curly’s ‘knot today’ and Taliah Waajid’s ‘the great detangler’ are two of my top 3 favorite leave in conditioners (finishing out my top 3 is Kera Care’s ‘humecto creme condition’). Black women spend more money on their hair than any other group so why not ensure we are benefiting ourselves first.

Today’s #teamnatural Beauty of the Day is @__griff Sapphira from Philadelphia, PA. She has been natural hair since birth but didn’t start become knowledgeable of what natural products were good for her hair until she was about 18. She uses Shea Moisture, Taliah Waajid, and ORS. Her advice for anyone looking to go natural: “Be patient. Sometimes you’ll wonder if being natural is for you and the answer is most certainly. You are born with your natural hair, so it has to be for you. I recommend trying as many natural hair products as possible, so that you know what works best for your hair. And all “natural” products aren’t good products!” #teamnatural #beautyoftheday #thelostqueens #lostqueensradio #lostqueens #itsamovement #neverleavehomewithoutyourcrown 👑

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