2min @ Music Core win

Minho lifted Taemin ㅠㅠㅠ Taemin bloomed his smile ㅠㅠㅜㅜ Minho looked so happy too ㅠㅜㅠ They both were so warm ㅠㅠㅠ Taemin went down the stage without his trophy so the staff gave it to him and he said thank you and left ㅋㅋㅋㅋ cute ㅠㅜㅜㅜ

source: lily_blossom_5

trans: thaluuu


NYCC is right around the corner (which is certainly becoming quite a source of stress in my life as I get ready for it along with class lesson plans and art projects), so it’s time to once again proclaim my attendance at artist alley to the masses !!!


From my deviant art page (elvinhernandez.deviantart.com):

NEW YORK COMIC CON!!!!!!! I’ll be doing my usual passive-aggressive sellers approach (a favorite amongst comics aficionados) at artist alley (table BB16)!! My delicious prices are as follows (already regretting the use of “delicious”… but too lazy to change it even though writing this sentence takes more effort):

9X12 illustrations (one character):

pencils: $40
Inks: $80

11X17 illustration (one character)

Inks: $140
Colors: $200

Sketch Cover illustrations:

1 Character Pencils: $30
- Multiple characters: $50
1 Character Inks: $60
-Multiple Characters: $80
1 Character Color: $100
- Multiple Characters: $125
Double Cover B/W: $150
Double Cover Colors: $200

Sketch Cards (Regular):
Pencils: $10
Inks: $20
Colors: $30

Sketch Cards (custom):

Archer/DC Epic Battles/Adventuretime/Marvel Cards: $50
Marvel Premier Cards: $80


Black and white: $10
Color: $15
Any Two Prints (color or B/W): $20

Set The Action! Background Design Book:$25
(With Quick Sketch in Book): $35

I’ve already posted a few images of cards and sketch covers I’ve recently finished or received approval on (cards mostly) that I will be taking to the Con, and if anyone is interested in perhaps purchasing some of these items prior to the convention (or just have general questions about anything, really), you can contact me at eahernandez75@gmail.com! Otherwise, I hope to see you at the con!!!


yung kausap kong haponeso!

ung ibang sinasabe nya hindi ko maintindihan haha hanep hirap makipag usap dun waaaaaaaaaaa!

October Sephora Haul!

So, a few weeks ago, I went to an Office Supply show at our local office supply store (I live out in the country, we only have one office supply place). Anyway, they had a treasure chest for all attendees to try to win a prize (Cup, magnet, ect). SOMEhow I ended up winning $1000! WHAT THE! So exciting! That has never happened to me! My hubby said I could spend it on WHATEVER I want! WAAAAAAAAAAA! 

So, first off, I bought an amazingly beautiful glass makeup table and oversized pink felt chair from Home Sense. Seriously beautiful, I will show you when I have it all cleaned up.

Next, I immediately made a $82 Sephora order. After that I signed up for a three month Glossybox Subscription (after seeing October’s Tarte lip pigment!). I live in Canada but had both of those orders shipped to my US mailbox. After that I just stopped spending money. I have about $500 left, and I keep adding things to my Sephora and Ulta cart, but I think I will wait a bit.

So, want to see what I bought?


It doesn’t look like TOO much right? No it really isn’t.

So, let’s break it down!

Firstly, here we have the Too Faced Under The Mistletoe Creme Lipstick. So pretty! I was in such an excited hurry that day that I didn’t realize they were all shimmery. Womp womp…. I prefer matte, but these are still so sweet and pretty that I am happily embracing them. 

In order we have:

1.Shimmering Spice Spice Baby

2. Shimmering Marshmallow Bunny

3. Shimmering Naked Dolly


Aren’t they beautiful though? And that pouch?! I’m feeling happy and calm just looking at these! They are a very heavy and nice packaging.  So, on the lips, they feel very creamy, but I found they don’t last very long. Well that might not be fair, because I ate an apple about a half hour after application, but you definitely need to reapply. This set was $28USD.

I posted a picture of these lipsticks on Instagram last night before bed. I just laid them on my bed as my daughter was watching My Little Pony on the Ipad beside me, and snapped a pic. A good day on Instagram for me is when 5 people like a  picture. One time I even had 8 likes! This picture, for some reason I can’t even fathom has now reached 272 hearts and just keeps going! WHAT? Who are these people liking this? What the heck? How is this happening? It’s only been like 12 hours too. It’s like I tapped into some internet highway super speed tunnel. I only know like 5 of the people who liked it. If you’re curious, here is the photo I posted:


While we’re at it, here are the swatches with no flash.


I’m not very advanced at instagram, but if you want to follow me, my IG name is bobaeomma. 

Next up, tarte Pigment of Imagination Deluxe Cheek Set.  This was only $10USD! For the set! I know they are miniature but I feel like they will last quite a while. 


First is the Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Mirage, and then Cheek stain in Fantasy. They both have quite a similar colour, and I love the cheek stain most. The clay blush is a peachy pink shade, and the stain is a champagne highlighter but I feel like both are quite similar as far as colour. The stain though, oh my gosh, it is beautiful! It’s like a glimmering rose gold layer of beauty. It’s seriously stunning. For ten dollars, you should probably run and buy this right now.


The third item I purchased was the tarte Brushed With Destiny Makeup Brush Set, $44USD  and I am SO glad I did. This set is amazing. 

The limited-edition set features:
• contourtionist™ bamboo cream blush & contour brush
• the balancing act™ bamboo foundation brush 
• the buffer™ airbrush finish bamboo foundation brush
• double-ended bamboo eyeshadow brush
• undercover lover™ bamboo concealer brush
• limited-edition collector’s brush & makeup bag

Every single brush is amazing and high quality. The airbrush foundation brush is unbelievable. I cannot WAIT to use this tomorrow. Ahhh it’s heavenly. I would absolutely 100% recommend this set to ANY one. The foundation brush alone is regularly $32, so this is a real steal. 

UPDATE: I used the airbrush foundation brush this morning, and OMG seriously. BEST. BRUSH. EVER. I used it with my BB cream and I was seriously done my entire face, flawlessly, in like 5 seconds. It would even be worth the $32 for just this brush. 


See them all tucked in there? Aren’t they adorable? I love the gold, and bamboo combo. So lovely!


And look! A zipper pouch! Isn’t that great? This makeup bag is GORGEOUS!


It looks even better in real life. The box it came in was out of this world pretty. I wish I could show you but it accidentally ended up in the garbage. Booooo hoooooooooo!

How about one more shot all lined up?


Hello my pretties!

So, as you probably know, Sephora always sends some freebies. Here’s a show of what I got this time:


I’m really excited about the Shiseido eye mask with retinal. I wish I had a whole box of those babies.

Oh, and another bonus, I also received a package in the mail that I bought from another Canadian beauty lover’s swap board. Wanna see? 


I was SO excited about the Witch’s Pouch blush, but I think it may be too dark for me, so I might have to add it to my swap board. If anyone out there would like to buy it, I will sell it for $6 plus shipping. Just comment and let me know! I know it’s pretty sought after, but I think I might be too pale to pull it off. Also, very excited about the Mai Couture blotting papers! Just in time!