Jongyu are called soulmates because they both seem very romantic. They are ill do anything to make you smile.
They are also the type to go to a fancy dinner and both planning to propose.
Like i dunno i see them as giving roses and cuddles and kissies all over to the other giggle. Like i dunno. Little fluffball romantic soulmates.


Q: Who is the kindest member?
Onew: Err… I think that the kindest member is Jonghyun. Jonghyun is really… He’s always thinking for others silently and secretly, in a way that is not done openly and takes care of the people around him this way. So I have always been receiving his care since a long time ago and have also learnt a lot from him.
Jonghyun: I think that Onew hyung is the kindest among us, it’s very compatible with his image. He’s a very pure person; because he is too kind, he has a fragile heart so he doesn’t know how to express his inner feelings well. So he probably has a lot of things that he can’t say, and is always keeping everything bottled up inside of himself and not saying anything. But he is very understanding of us, and so he doesn’t say much.