Hey! My name’s Kale, I’m 16 and my pronouns are he/him/his. I’ve been out since October of 2014, so I’m still settling into how I identify, but as of now I identify myself as male. I’m pre-T and pre- any type of surgery (I’d like to change this, however).

I’m very invested in art, specifically theatre and visual arts. I am very passionate about art for social change and art that people can “see themselves” in. I’m a huge supporter of representation in all forms of art. As a Mexican and Black trans boy, I rarely ever “see myself” in theatre or in the media for that matter. My goals for W2R is to create a safe and inclusive space for trans people of color. I think it’s so valuable to have spaces like this. As of now my aspirations in life are centered around finishing high school and continuing to be involved in activism.

When I was 15 I had a basic understanding of gender. At this time I knew I wanted to present myself as more masculine but had little education about all things trans. Shortly after starting my junior year of high school I began learning more about gender. As soon as I had discovered what being transgender was, I knew I identified as such. Now, I am completely out at school. Recently I came out to my mom, which went amazingly. She wholeheartedly accepts me but is still adjusting to using my correct pronouns and name. I would say the hardest part of being out is that I am the only openly trans boy at my school. Nearly every day I am faced with the uncomfortableness of feeling like an outsider. I have a large support system and an amazing girlfriend of a little over a year. Despite this, it’s very discouraging to not have a trans community outside of tumblr that I can connect with. Luckily, my school and peers have been overall very accepting and I’ve dealt with little to no bullying/discrimination over being trans :-)

My main blog is boykale.tumblr.com, and my photography blog is kaleimage.tumblr.com !

Hey everyone, my name is Colby.
I’m a 21 year old trans man and am currently going through college in Texas. I’m pre T, pre everything really, because I’m a division I athlete. Because of this, i’m not publicly out, just to a few close friends. This makes things a little hard, waiting for the time where I can feel like who I am on the outside, but I consider myself a strong person and I’d love to give advice to those who are going through the same sort of things.

I cannot wait to meet you all through this amazing organization Andrew has created!

if you’d like to reach me at my personal blog: http://talofibular.tumblr.com


W2H SU Au Humans

Connie Maheswaran - Pandora (fuchsiafirework ,yoeltheadorkable)

Dr. Maheswaran - ???

Mr. Maheswaran - ???

Jenny Pizza - Rory (dadarismus)

Kiki Pizza - ???

Kofi Pizza - ???

Nanafua Pizza - ???

Sour cream - Blue ( satinhands)

Onion - ???

Yellow Tail - ???

Buck Dewy - Clara (dadarismus)

Mayor Dewy - ???

Ronaldo Fryman - ???

PeeDee Fryman

Mr. Fryman - ???

Lars - Landon (manslaughterer , independence-declared)

Sadie - Fern (seraphic-sympathy , independence-declared)

Mr. Smiley - ???

Jammie the Post man - ???

W2H SU Au gems and Universe family

Garnet -  spooks  (spooksy-demon , sp00ky-b00) & Timothy (ethereal-and-humble , sp00ky-b00)(Rhodolite)

Amethyst - isaac (drums-and-braces , candycorncartoonfreak) (ferrugnious quartz)

Pearl - Jessica (Conch Pearl)

Ruby - Spooks (Pink Ruby)

Saphire - Timothy (Violet Sapphire)

Steven - Danni (jesushatesherdad , reallifedavidtennant)

Greg - Mephistopheles

Rose Quartz - Providence (celestite)

Lapis Lazuli - Sock (Azurite)

Peridot - Jonathan (Forsterite)

Jasper - ???

Yellow Diamond - Death (black diamond) ??? (???)

Opal - Jessica & Isaac (???)

Sugilite - Rohdolite & Isaac ??? (???)

Alexandrite - Jessica, Rohdolite & Isaac (???)

Malachite - Sock & ??? (???)

Stevonnie - danni & ???

Lion - Catsby

Important trans support community/charity needs your help kicking off.

Andrew, known on tumblr as scumbugg, Is a trans man who, due to good fortune and immense support from the tumblr community, was able to raise funds for and receive his top surgery this past March. Being the amazing and incredibly loving person he is Andrew would now like to return the support, much like with what we do here at benjiscloset. He, along with other people he has chosen (will be choosing) will be running two blogs to reach out to the trans community. The first of which being waystoraise, this blog is centered around providing resources and support, and to aid trans folks in difficult times. The next of which, w2radvice, is a blog dedicated to providing advice to trans folks in all manners of situations. So please, go follow both his blogs and if you are able to, donate to his youcare campaign (which I will either link later on this post or reblog from him directly) of which the funds will go towards maintaining the sites and raising money to help trans folks in need.

Hello all! My name is Chris! I’m 23 and my pronouns are, well, complicated. He/him/his, she/her/hers and they/them/their are all acceptable. I identify as non-binary, and more specifically, as bi-gender. Feel free to check out my personal blog at


My primary goals working with W2R are to help provide and create resources that will help as many as possible, especially non-binary folks and trans people of color, and to create a safe and inclusive space for the various segments of the trans community. Basically the sort of place that someone like me, non-binary, Mexican on one side, white on the other, and mentally ill, will be able to find safe haven and people to support them.

Personally and professionally, I want to be a novelist, I’ve had several short stories published, and writing is something that helps me make sense of the world. I cherish fantasy as a genre, and want to add my voice to it, and try to provide the sort of representation that is so lacking. I want more myths in the world, and I want those myths , those tales, to be full of our stories.

I’ve been confused and conflicted about my gender since I was pretty young, and realized while singing a duet with my mother that I didn’t want to just sing the “guy’s part.” (My family sings a lot. Our house was always a bit like a Disney movie, with more swords, and ambushes.)

I wasn’t even fully aware that I could be non-binary till after high school; and I finally realized I was bi-gender in 2011, after I’d been living in New York for a while. Over the last years, I’ve come out to all of my friends and to my immediate family - my father and sister- and have been lucky, in that the vast majority have been immensely supportive. My dad and I are really close, and it meant a lot to me when he told me he was proud of me as his daughter, and not only his son.

Random facts: I grew up in Cali, lived in New York for something like four years, and recently moved to Oregon. I’m colorblind. I have small tattoos of a sun, and the moon and stars, on either hand. I’m getting a puppy soon, I’ve been waiting for almost half a year! I majored in Cultural Anthropology with a focus in magic, witchcraft, and religion. My mother died of cancer in my senior year of high school, she’d been fighting against it since I was in the sixth grade. I really like tabletop rpgs, been in martial arts since I could stand, and am excited to get to know everyone! Also, I tend to ramble, but I’ll be doing my best to curtail that.