W.O.R.D. Sacramento is a group of militant inter-sectional feminists that has been organizing in the Sacramento Metro area for the past year. 

In the short amount of time we’ve existed we’ve partnered up with community and a number of projects such as:

-International Women’s Day (March 8th)
On which we held a 1000+ march from the neighborhood of Southside Park to the State Capitol for a resource fair for survivors of violence against women. Community organization partners included: The Gender Health Center, W.E.A.V.E (a women and children’s shelter/support org.), The Sacramento Native American Health Center, the McGeorge School of Law Victims of Crime Resource Center and the Sacramento LGBT Community Center.

- Free Marissa Alexander
We partnered up with the Free Marissa Alexander campaign on one of our largest national efforts since our inception and helped them maintain both a legislative and physical presence out in the street for Marissa, collaboratively resulting in her release on Thanksgiving day!

- Free CeCe McDonald
We have been working constantly with the Free Cece McDonald campaign as both individual organizers and as an organization. We’ve gone out an tabled in the community to raise awareness about and demand respect for trans* issues and rights as well as rally people to support and demand justice for CeCe.

-Local Cultural Events
In the year 2013 alone, we’ve had 3 arts and cultural events inviting all women & allies from the community to express and empower themselves via poetry, we had an art gallery opening with our partners at the Sol Collective [a popular arts and culture venue], as well as several workshops on how to start a grassroots movement or political campaign [which also allowed us to work with and mentor high school students].

Now, we need your help to acquire a space of our own where we can continue to work without having to work around other venue’s time and calendar arrangements.

It is absolutely critical that we acquire a space by February of 2014 so we can continue to support and grow our community. 

We recognize the absolute need for a space of our own for these reasons:

1.) So that we can continue operate at the capacity we see necessary to create change

2.) So as to create the ultimate safe space for our membership, following, and community

3.) To make a place that people can always find and us and come to either for support [that they need], or to support what we are doing

Please help support this cause, we are trying to acquire a [rented] office space in South Sacramento an area that we feel desperately needs a Feminist of Color presence and our group is predominately of color.


We are a militant feminist organization, mostly organized by feminists of color trying to acquire an office space in a low income neighborhood of color. We are looking to acquire a space there as it is a target community of ours and we feel it needs our services and presence more than ever. We also have grown so much we need an office space period.

We need an office space to create a safe space that our members and the community can come to at any time should they need help, that we can maintain on our terms we have a space that would allow us to do that, we just need the above amount to move in! Please help us build this wonderful space!

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[Cesar Chavez Day, 2013]

[International Women’s Day, 2013]


Join us tonight for our 1st Birthday/Anniversary Fundraiser Dinner Party.

Check out the awesome raffle prizes [not all pictured], eat some great food, dance to some awesome music, chit chat and reminisce with friends and W.O.R.D organizers, or get involved with W.O.R.D. for the very first time <3

We’ll play games like “Smash the Patriarchy”, “Pin the Conviction on the Rapist” and more…

Tonight’s going to be epic and wonderful, but it won’t be the same without all of you there with us, so come on down.

You can still get tickets at the door; ALL GENDERS are welcome too..so don’t be shy!


A few photos from today’s outreach session at the Southside Park Farmer’s Market.

Today, Yeimi, Mallory, Autumn, Michelle, Celia, Sarah, and Emily [+her husband and younger sister] gave out free vegetables, herbs and fruit grown from Autumn’s garden to the community.

While initially setting up the group was approached and told they had to wait until the farmer’s market was closed to hand out vegetables [despite all of the women being patrons of the market] because they “were competing with the farmers”.  The group still managed to give away all the vegetables, fruit and herbs they had grown and packaged despite the earlier negativity and the community was absolutely ecstatic about our presence.

One woman even told us that she had found out about  W.O.R.D. Sacramento through …wait for it…TUMBLR.

Needless to say, we’ll be back next week. Which will be our 3rd week of the “Summer Free Veggie & Herb Program”.

Keep an eye out for us elsewhere.

<3 W.O.R.D. Sacramento Organizers & Members


We’ll have the above images available in sticker form for sale starting April 18th. Each sticker will be $2 dollars each, or more if you’d like to make a more generous donation.

Out of the set, which is your favorite?