Luke always knew how hard it was for you to wake up in the morning - your mind had such a hard time tugging itself from your dreams and rejoining the real world. So, every morning, he’d ever so softly run his fingers through your hair, gently massaging your scalp until you stirred, a small smile on your lips because you liked how he woke you up, how he didn’t expect you to be super responsive or happy or lucid in the morning. He just helped you transition from the warmth of your dream state to the warmth of being with Luke, and you wouldn’t mind if that was the way you woke up every day for the rest of your life.

mysticalmagicalmasterpiece asked:

Imagine if Steve met Chris Evans omfg

Steve’s halfway through his second burger when Sam asks “You do realize that the dude that came up to you a few minutes ago is like crazy famous, right?”

Steve shrugs. “Guess not?”

“Yeah, he was the flame guy in those superhero movies? My mom loves him. What’d he say, anyway?”

“He just said he really admired everything that I’ve done and asked if he could get a picture with me to show his family. Seemed kinda nervous?”

Two hours later, Chris Evans tweets a blurry photo with the caption “Just met Cap. Damn do I feel inadequate!” 

The next day, Steve follows him back.