How come it’s so easy for us to see beauty in others, but so hard to see it in ourselves?

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louis’s characterization always gets punched in the balls whenever they don’t have a ‘big bad’ to go against. it’s a pattern that i’ve noticed in every single fucking season. once the main guy is dealt w/ they turn louis into an ass to be (cont)

awful for a bit until they can come up with something else for everyone to focus on. it’s especially frustrating because i -love- louis. i adore him. i adore that little fucker with every ounce of my being. but he just randomly turns into an (cont

asshole sometimes. and it’s like fucking AGAIN?! )


i used to like him i mean okay. partially. i’ve never been the biggest fan but i used to be able to stand him at least. in the first like two seasons whenever he fucked up i was pissed but then they quickly solved it and whatnot so i was fine.

but by now it’s gotten to the point where i can’t even enjoy him when he’s being nice because i vividly remember all the times he was a complete asshole out of nowhere and was shit to everyone and i’m??????w so what happened was i gave up on liking him.

they really need to stop using him as a pseudo villain when there’s nothing bigger happening tbh