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Vyntic: Our partner blog is your source for all things vinyl and plastic. Munny, dunny, figurines, custom designs and more! [Follow]

noirlac: We aren’t sure if noirlac is even human. We think it might be a robot that churns out awesome pixel art and animated gifs daily. [Follow]

Galaxy Next Door: GND is a blog dedicated to our generations rock and roll - video games. Any blog that makes that comparison works for us. [Follow]

Ian Herring: The long version is that Ian is an Illustrator/Colourist based in Toronto working out of Royal Academy of Art & Design studio. The short version is that he is super talented. [Follow]

Follow Friday: This isn’t about the Royal Wedding edition

Vyntic - One of our network blogs which is your source for all things vinyl and plastic. Get it? Vinyl + Plastic = Vyntic. Yes we are proud of that. Chanh came up with it. Enough small talk, click here to follow it already.

Squid Bits -  The Tumblr blog of mega-talented artist Jess Bradley. According to Jess, she “draws things until they come out of her bum.” If that isn’t enough, Jess was one of the very first artists featured on Herochan and has had her work posted on HC many many times since. Because we can’t post every single thing she does, click here to follow her yourself. 

A.J. Hateley - I can’t remember who found her blog, but whoever it was, they did something great. A.J. popped up on our radar only a month ago and hasn’t left it. So, please click here to follow her tumblr and witness her greatest. 

Dean Minifie - Dean works on Herochan. He works on it8bit. He works on Gamefreaks. He works on itLego. I think he did porn for a little while. He likes The Big Lebowski. He doesn’t afraid of nothing. (click here to follow)

Note: There are some bugs with Tumblr right now which is why you might only see one staff member on the sidebar of Vyntic. I assure you we are all still there. Tumblr is working on fixing the issue and you should see us listed again shortly.