I hate it when people argue over how to pronounce Van Gogh. Is it Go? Is it Goff? Is it Go(throat clearing noise)? The only time it really matters is when your making a pun. We all know who you’re talking about. 

Looking for womens jeans? My suggestion is Lee.

  • Pockets
  • Sturdier than others I’ve had
  • Maketh the butt go BAM
  • Large pockets
  • No camel toe or similar problems
  • Big pockets. Big big pockets. pockets you can really put things in
  • Lots of styles that sit at or just below the waist and do not go halfway down your asscrack when you sit.


    Look at this shit! That’s a novel! I put a fucking novel in my pocket! And I can sit down and it will still be there!


vandigo replied to your post:[watching some mutual follows reblogging each…

Its all fun and games until you have two solid pages of the same goddamn post

well I’m mostly talking about when comments are added and I’m like “they’re talking to each other. My friend. and my other friend. and isn’t that nice. 

but fo real though yeah. miles and miles of the same five posts is not cool, but i love all these people too much to unfollow any of them. like what if I miss something? what if more John Winchester hate comes up on my dash? I need these people.

dear San Antonio businesses, 

Stop calling your shit River City _____. San Antonio is not a river city. We have one wimpy, nasty-ass river that does nothing but flood downtown occasionally. Unless you are contributing to efforts to make the river less wimpy and less nasty-ass, just call it Alamo City.