1983 VW Golf (Rabbit) Mk 1 1.9GTD 

A nice alternative to the traditional 2.0 16v conversion, or even the now more frequent 1.8T transplants.

Using 1.9TDi PD lump will make for a car that drives massively differently to any traditional fast Golf. Forget about running the engine to the redline through every gear and just concentrate on making the most of the low end torque.

That wouldn’t work if this had been made to look like a GTi, the fact that it hasn’t just means that this sounds like a really good approximation of what a GT hatch should be like. If the suspension is set up well, then this would be a lovely way to undertake a cross country journey whilst having a play with any unsuspecting modern hot hatches.

I like the fact that it’s imperfect, it means it gets used.

*Edit: Thanks to Gnarly for the heads up that this isn’t the PD lump - that’ll teach me to skim read adverts!