Ugh, the art in this book is so wonderful. The way he’s telling stories is a complete game changer for me, the fragmented and incomplete narrative and the way the art is presented on the pages… It’s so good I want to swallow it whole.

From Pim & Francie- The Golden Bear Days {Artifacts and Bone Fragments}

I haven’t the faintest what I got out of this when I was 9 or so, but I have to assume it was positive. I liked it enough to memorize at the time, and haven’t bothered to forget it since.

The wind died down. Harold loosened his grip on the tree.
“Well,” he said. “Most people aren’t like you. They’re locked up in themselves. They live in their castles—all alone. They’re like me.”

"Well, everyone lives in his own castle," said Maude. "But that’s no reason not to lower the drawbridge and go out on visits."

Harold smiled. “But you agree that we live alone. And we die alone. Each in his own cell.”

Maude looked over the forest. “I suppose so. In a sense. That’s why we have to make them as pleasant as possible—full of good books and warm fires and memories. Still, in another sense, you can always jump the wall and sleep out under the stars.”

—  Harold and Maude- Colin Higgins