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I’m planning to do the same thing in the next five years :)

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My older brother did that for 4 years!!! DOOOO ITTTT!!!! (I even lived with him for a month in Sapporo!)

Eeep! You’re both making me want to even moooore. So your brother loved it? We shall have a serious think. Though, we think too much that we often talk ourselves out of everything. ;____; Some flippin’ SPONTANEITY may be good in this situation? ^_^;

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Hahaha I love that part too. Or when he's putting the drill through the driver's side of that mining rig, and he's like 'SSSCRREEEEEW YOOOOUUUUUU!!"


I got in trouble for laughing at these parts:

Like, I shouldn’t have been watching this movie at such a young age, anyway– but I totally got yelled at for laughing. 

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I woke up this morning immediately. Didn't do that thing where I looked around confusedly and checked my phone and rubbed my face and slammed back down into my bed and covered back up and went to sleep for fifteen more minutes. I just woke and sat up and put my hair back and started cleaning. Taking a little break right now, but I feel great today. How was your morning?

Do you normally wake up feeling confused? I sometimes forget where I am - though the options for where I could possibly be is a very short list.. haha.

I woke up, made a coffee and a rollie and sat in the sun outside before getting ready to go study. My poor kitties then followed me around the house, almost making me fall ass-over-tit a few dozen times. They are good at that. It was my fault this morning though, they ran out of food! Bad mother. ;________;

Hope you felt just as awesome for the remainder of the day. ^-^