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Irresistible (RATED) [Changmin]


gif credit: vanitysixx

Summary: When Changmin discovers his cute, innocent girlfriend has a naughty side. 

From DBscenariosSK: This is for anon! Thanks for the request. So… This kind of took on a life of its own and is way smuttier than anticipated. Writing and posting smut is always a bit embarrassing for me…Nonetheless, happy reading!  


It all started about two weeks ago.

You were diligently working backstage during TVXQ’s performance when you overheard a couple of the female back up dancers gossiping about their sex lives. As hard as you tried to tune them out, you couldn’t avoid their conversation discussing past sexual experiences.  

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This is a Nationwide, and Worldwide broadcast for all Grindr users:

I state this matter in a congenial and civil nature.
Have some self respect and sense of public decency.
Freedom of expression, does not mean the freedom to vulgarly display one’s carnal desperation.

Grindr is a social networking site.
It is not a website where we can exploit and compromise our dignities.
If we want the laws of the land, and of this world to start respecting, and recognizing us, with our dignities.
Let us first start by recognizing respect, and dignities within our selves.
Let us destroy the stereotypes, by living with common decency.

Thank you.


”its not lady like to talk like that”

yeah you know what, fuck you, i will say whatever the fuck i want! Who gives a shit if someone finds it unattractive and not lady like if i speak vulgarly? if i gave a single shit about what i can and cannot say when it comes to my gender then i would have fucking asked you

machinebyprinciple said:

I wouldn't have worded it so vulgarly, but anon is right, you are extremely talented, especially so for someone of your age. Good on you for practicing so much.


And you you’ve made me blush too. D:

Everyone is so nice tonight eh. ;.; 

My schools homecoming is tonight and I’m not doing anything and I’m happy that I’m not there listening to rap music and other tunes that aren’t nice while watching people vulgarly dance it’s just I feel like I’m boring like I’m sitting here while everything’s going on