i’ve been tagged by erminswiths and  leviackreman to do the snapchat selfies thing and this is the story of how i found out all my snaps are random pics (there are captions eh h) and i don’t have selfies saved from there w o w

noW it’s time to d-d-duel tag iwaizumiihajime, blondejean and vulcanprodigy have fun or ignore this if you don’t want to do it ❤❤❤

anonymous said:

bisexuality can also mean same or different genders, not specifically male or female. (I'm not disagreeing with your definition--I'm just adding more to it.)

Ooh yes, that’s true! You can be bisexual and not be attracted to men, only women and intergender people, for instance. I was purely going by my own experiences (as a bisexual attracted to male and female) but yes, that is true. Although the most common definition of bisexual tends to be male and female.

samuel-vimes said: i feel u man the same happened to me and i ended up quitting bUT NOW I HAVE A COOL COURSE WITH ANIMALS SO MIRACLES DO HAPPEN AND IT GETS 10X BETTER <3


vulcanprodigy said: I don’t have any advice that you probably haven’t heard before, just wanted to let you know that you were heard. and also the fact that life is so random… something will become of you either way <3


I love you both very much okay x