He swept his arm across the valley below:

"This place. Out here in the vukojebina" – a Bosnian term for the wild, literally, "where the wolves fuck". "If it wasn’t for this place, I’d be long dead."

Mister Chu:

I feel this somewhat about Maine, and it is true that there are wolves there again now and increasingly so, but still. Vukojebina. What a word it is.



9 Day Traveling Challenge

  • DAY 8: 2 places you hope you will never have to return to.

Rajac Mountain aka Vukojebina (2010)

No, I don’t have two places I would never return to, because nothing was as criminal as this one. Despite lack of heating, hot water and whatnot I can freely say I had near death experience. As you can see this is middle of nowhere, and yes nature is nice, but going up and down massive mountains for 25km is not really my thing. Especially when people are in a hurry I don’t even know why. So, one of two days spent here we were going to some waterfall (which is nothing better than my shower, srsly). In order to get to that waterfall you need to go down really steep paths + it was rain the night before so everything was slippery, not to mention that converse all star ale slippery enough by themselves. So, everything was going down over slippery mud, not having anything to hold onto, and path was like 1m wide, and you have 1m wide path and if you accidentally slip and go out of that path you’re gone forever, since you would fall 20m down on rocks and what  not. And yea, I slipped and fell but was lucky enough to catch some root which was above ground. It scared shit out of me. Because I refuse to die without Satan treatment whut