HALLOWEEN TRAMPERY!!! I have two sets done for Halloween, one as a kitty and one as a bunny. Guess which one this is! :P I have had that bunny tail plug for almost a year now but this was the first time I ever used it and it was adorabley uncomfortable lol Enjoy the pics



Super Mario Cosplay!! The naughty kind :) I love the way this outfit came out. I got all the pieces separately. The red top is just a sports bra and the blue suspender skirt was purchased off ebay along with the hat. The other parts were things I had laying around the house like the tights and gloves. Putting your own outfit together is so much more fun than buying a pre-made one <3


Nudie Magazine Day!!! Ok, so not a magazine but that was what came to mind when I was thinking about what to write. This was easily one of the most fun sets I have ever done. It’s not everyday that one gets to paint a heart on their bewb :) I hope you all enjoy the pics XOX


I won’t be in this office much longer so I wanted to do one last photo set here, for old times sake :) We have  been in the process of moving into the new office for about a week and a half now. The issue now is that Cox (tee hee) was supposed to call us last week to schedule a time to come switch our service over and set up the phone lines in the new office. They never called. We called them yesterday…they didn’t answer the phone lol You are probably not even reading this are you? Just looking at the skankery? I could be talking about french poodles and you wouldn’t even know. Anyway! Hopefully we get into the new place before the end of the week cuz now that I have seen the beautiful new room I have I hate this stuffy old one.


Happy Halloween! I hope you all have a fun and SAFE night. It’s been awhile since I did a little set like this but since i’m the only one in the office and it’s a holiday, I felt like sharing :) I have to say though I am disappointed in my tummy. I have been running but not working out my arms or abs so my stomach lost any and all definition that it had. I need to get back to working out everything and not just my legs.