"Knox?" Violet’s voice came out kind of questioning. He had asked her to come over, saying he had something to tell her, to show her. The girl figured this would be a good time to tell him about her, what she was. It was only right of her. She was really starting to fall for Knox. 

"Hey. What is it you wanted to show me?"

Stalker ll Violet&Knox


Violet was walking home, feeling the same gaze on her ass that she had all week. It was really starting to bother her. Some guy had been tailing her, some creepy loser or something and he was starting to get too close for comfort. She turned, giving him a glare as he tried to hide from her. 

It was a real hindrance that her motorcycle was in the shop because it just allowed him to get closer. Turning on her street she picked up her pace but he was only a few steps behind her now. She couldn’t go her house, he might get in. 

She no longer had to worry about him getting in, because suddenly he had grabbed her upper arm. Violet gasped, spinning on the man as he smirked at her. “Let go you creep!” She yelped, looking around widely for help. Her gaze landed on her neighbors house behind them, the lights were on. “Knox!” She yelled, calling for him. She hoped he come to save her, they had never talked much, but he seemed like a good guy.