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you know whats cute, at first i thought eunji was a really outgoing person no matter where/who she is with, but i soon found out that she is shy/humble when she's around people she's new w/ or arent close w/. in the beginning, i only seen apink season stuff and reply 1997 promotions, so that was my first impression but when i saw her on miss/mr korea (vshow special for chuseok) & other vshows with idols, she's quite shy and less talkative in a way. differerent from the tomboy/outgoing image..

The thing about eunji is, she is just like any other extroverted person, she likes socialising and talking to new people and making new friends, but when it comes to initial contact or interaction, it takes time for her to warm up to anyone. (I say this based on what I see on fancams and picts, I don’t know her personally). And once she gets to know that certain someone, it doesn’t take long for her to continue that friendship, because she is so friendly and knows how to make it work.

Which is the reason why she still keeps in touch with her musical friends, with her kpop idol friends, and even the friends she made during acting (lee si yeon comes to mind).

It’s cute! She’s cute! More importantly, the friendships she makes with them are so adorable and precious. Digressing a little but she and Minah have the cutest friendship, plus they look like twins, I really hope they stay as friends forever.


Things I learned from being in variety show

- INAM… Its not about me.
- Take as much as you can borrow, their will be joy, and there will be sorrow.
- Nowadays people are so afraid of what others think, they only wanna give 50% effort, so it’s less embarrassing if they fail, but if you ever want to achieve true greatness, you must go after it with a whole hearted passion. Yes, it will be more embarrassing when you fall down, but sometimes you need to fall down and be a little embarrassed.
- Music is powerful and does great things. It brings people together
- No matter who someone is, or what you may think of them, or what you have heard about them, or what you’ve assumed based on what you know, you truly never know what anyone’s going through
- Picking on the weird kid or making fun of someone who’s not like everyone else isn’t the cool thing to do, ever
- It’s about the journey, not the destination
- Anyone who’s great didn’t get there on their own, someone along the way gave them a leg up somewhere, and they thanked them for it. You are indebted to those people, thank them often. Pay them a visit.
- Remember those who came before you and what they’ve done, think about those who are coming after you and what you want to leave behind. Make your mark.
- Friends are the people there for you when there is no advantage. The people who love you for being embarrassing and weird. The people who wanna stay in with you on a Friday night in sweats and watch a movie. The people who aren’t pretending to be someone they’re not.
- Don’t forget a single one.
- Vshow is the best legal high you’ll ever have.

Truly thankful for this opportunity and grateful for the experience I’ve had and all the memories I’ve made. I love everyone in my variety show family and won’t forget a single one.

I’m also extremely thankful for all of the directors and people who supported it and made this possible.

Honestly the best experience I’ve had throughout all of high school. As I lay in bed the day after, sad because its over, I also have this comfort, knowing I put everything I had out on that stage and made 130 new friends. There is so much joy looking back, that there’s hardly any room for sorrow.

Random ass post but I freaking hate V-Show. I know I’m away at college now and stuff from high school should be irrelevant but I keep seeing these freaking posts on my social media about vshow not only from people that are in high school still but people that have graduated. Like really, was it really the best week of your life, are these people really your fucking family and you miss every single one of them? I fucking hate when people get praised for mediocrity which is what VShow is to me.Mediocre. Sorry if your from my high school and are offended but I am not a fan.