150414 Off to school with eng subs


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OMG! I didnt know you were/are a fan of Hangeng too!!! Love him in SUJU and the little epic moments he had on korean vshows. Also when he was in SUJU-M, it was great seeing him have more exposure on chinese vshows with the others. He's pretty funny and laidback. Adore him. His future is limitless now that he's in China, happy for him :)

He is such a sweetheart, and it’s so precious when he tries to speak Korean fluently but fails somehow :) He tries so hard all the time and I just go awww I want to give him a big fat hug :) I fell in love with him during Full House days, how can one China man be so adorable and funny??? He seems to be the happiest around Heechul, Siwon, Suju-M in general no doubt, and the tv show where Siwon surprises Hangeng oh my god tearsssssss. His + Heechul’s friendship is really the cutest I believe. I’m happy he’s apart in a happier place now, but frankly I do miss the old days :(


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