Victorian Quote Tuesday - Anthony Trollope

Heck, I have not done this in ages. Never fear though, good things always come back!

“That I can read and be happy while I am reading is a great blessing. Could I remember, as some men do, what I read, I should have been able to call myself an educated man. But that power I never possessed. Something is always left - something dim and inaccurate - but still something sufficient to preserve the taste for more.”

Trollope in his autobiography, 1883


Oregonian, The (Portland, OR) - May 21, 1990
Author: PETER FARRELL - of The Oregonian staff.
Reprinted without permission. Please don’t get mad. 

Viewers for Quality Television, the organized group of just plain folks who try to encourage the best in entertainment broadcasting, says that in its latest member survey “Murphy Brown” received the highest percentage of votes for endorsement by the group.

The Candice Bergen comedy got 88.3 percent support – who are those other people and what’s wrong with them? – while “Designing Women” and “China Beach” were just a tick behind. But “China Beach,” which was moved opposite “Murphy,” was the show VQT members said they watched most often, followed by “Designing Women,” “L.A. Law,” “Murphy Brown” and “The Wonder Years.”

VQT also reported that for the first time a Fox program is on its tentative approval list. The surprise is that it is not “The Simpsons,” which received enough write-in votes to finish 28th on the quality list, but “Alien Nation,” which the VQT survey responders ranked seventh in quality, although it was 30th among most watched.

And there is also this to report about the sample group of viewers who care enough about high quality television to pay dues to an organization trying to pressure the networks to do the right thing. Among those 30 most watched shows, although not on the list of shows they most admire, is, at No. 29, “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

Viewers for Quality Television will be watching the network fall schedule announcements, which start this week, not just for news about good new shows, but out of concern for current programs that might not be back in the fall. Those VQT both supports and worries about are “China Beach,” “Alien Nation,” “Paradise” – I can’t figure that one out – “Tour of Duty” and “Wiseguy.”

Their letter-writing pens are poised to protest if any of those shows are axed.

OFF TO THE BEACH: “AM Northwest” will broadcast live from Seaside on Monday and Tuesday, and from Astoria on Wednesday, with segments involving swimsuits, beach life and sights to see. The program, at 9 a.m. weekdays on KATU (2), will have model agent Eileen Ford as a guest Tuesday as she searches for the 1990 supermodel of the year.

You know what I love?

I love it when someone tells you just how much you mean to them. I love it when they point out all the things they absolutely love about you, and it turns out that those things just so happen to be things that most people don’t notice. I love it when someone actually makes an effort for them to be noticed by you. I love it when that person keeps in touch every now and then just to remind you how much you mean to that person.