Hey everybody! So I know this is a few weeks late, but textsfromtng challenged me to this ALS ice bucket/doodle challenge.

So here it is: The drawings are above. I have made my donation. And here is my Ice Bucket Challenge … with a bit of a challenge for All Of You! Pleas watch and ENJOY!

Links: ALSA.ORG, The Trekkie Baby, textsfromtng «FOLLOW NOW!!!

If you are interested in helping someone out, but for whatever reason you feel that ALSA is not the charity for you here is some great info about donating, and here are some links to other organizations that need your help: WATER.ORG , RICE BUCKET CHALLENGEand also some of my favorite Organizations/Charities: MARCH OF DIMES, ST.JUDES, READING RAINBOW, WORLD WIDE ORPHAN FOUNDATION 

Don’t forget to add a link to your favorite charity, organization, or even kickstarter when you reblog!!! YOU ALL ARE AWESOME! 

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[I never bought Tom and B’Elanna as a couple. I don’t think the two actors had much chemistry, and I don’t see what the characters had in common, aside from proximity and few other options, that could sustain a healthy, long-term relationship. Defensiveness, rebelliousness, abrasiveness, being black sheep, and having tempestuous, if not abusive, family histories are traits that push people apart, not bring them together.]