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I'm so tired of the media talking about the "Hispanic vote" and the "hispanic community"

This is as broad as talking about the European vote and the European community. 

Do you Americans understand that spanish-speaking people come from different places and they don’t necessary all agree?

Just because we speak the same language it doesn’t mean that we all think the same, vote the same or even like each other.

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Reminding people that this was a thing that someone made.

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My Foundations of American Democracy class has truly shown me how uneducated people are…at what point does become okay to let the government set drones on us territory? First it’s to watch for terrorists. Then it’s for stopping crimes before they happen. Then next thing you know it’s to spy on us. Just how different is the way things are now that different from Terminator’s “Skynet”? And all just so they can “Watch Over Us”. Privacy at the cost of security isn’t worth it and isn’t right. Spread the word ya’ll, we got a big heaping pile of blind people votin’ for our country that can’t see the hidden agenda. Keep both eyes open beautiful people <3

Daily recap sept 9

so today wasn’t bad. it started off good and then my mood plummeted. I think I was over tired… Fatigue took me over. I am falling asleep as I write this. I practiced a LOT today. I got the runs kid of in the song. But I also performed thee rough version for my friend david. he said and seemed to be quite impressed. I am typing this with my eyes closed because I am exhausted. I found out that pat doesn’t actuallly hates me but I don’t know. I mean everyone is votin gfor me for the most musical AND most likely to be a singer for superlatives… hehehehe i don’t know how I feel about that. I mean good obviously but you know. I feel bad or soemething…. Apparantly the flynns and all of the other supposed music people of the school say that they don’t even come close to me for AT LEAST one of those categories. that made me feel nice. Goodnight;;;;;

i saw a house with a yes poster in the window next door to a house with a no poster in the window and the yes house had a way nicer garden w/ a wee tree and everything but the no house just had a lawn

it did have a nicer fence tho