I don’t think anyone can really understand why this picture means so much to me. yea, some people may think “wow! that baseball player guy is looking at the camera!” but it’s so much more than that. that “baseball player guy” is David Wright, the third baseman for the New York mets. I have been a fan of David’s ever since I was 5 or 6. when we would go to games I would make posters that said “GO DAVID WRIGHT!!” or something cute. I go to port st lucie every year for spring training, and this year I actually said hi to David (oh my god) when he was in a dugout and I was right next to the fence. I was so happy for the next few hours. and then I noticed David was going to be signing balls. I grabbed a baseball and ran over to him, and I got his signature. he smiled at me and I said thank you and I cried for like a week from how happy I was. and then yesterday I went to a game (Mets vs Marlins) and I brought my camera (Canon Rebel). I was trying to get pictures of the team warming up. As I was pointing my camera at David, through the lens, I noticed that he had seen my camera. he had noticed me in the crowd with my camera (I was section 4 row 1, so it was kind of easy to spot me and I was there early). he then stopped warming up— and smiled. he smiled for my picture. the fact that he stopped to smile and look at the camera had put a huge smile on my face all day. this picture means too much to me to even explain.