Top Shot: Bird on Alert

A long-eared owl waits for the nighttime hunt at sunset. Photograph by Alexa Ion

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You Voted. Now Watch what the Oculus mirror make Holland Roden do.

So Demi Lovato has truly been an inspiration for me for a long time. Her music, style, personality, and positivity have influenced me so much in life.

Having said that, it would mean the WORLD to me if you could take 2 seconds to vote for me to meet her when she tours in my area this March.  All you have to do is click the link and click the purple bar that says “Vote for Anthony”  Feel free to like or reblog, too…. I seriously appreciate anything and everything! thank you if you do!

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Scotland appears set to reject independence

LONDON, Sept 19, 2014:

Scotland appeared set to reject independence on Friday with 23 out of 32 voting areas declared and the crucial Glasgow region having given its result.

Only four areas declared by 5am voted in favour of independence, giving the “No” camp a lead of 54.3% to 45.7% with nearly two thirds of the results from the historic referendum counted.

The “Yes” camp had been pinning its hopes on a big win in the largest constituency of Glasgow to close the gap, but could only register a winning margin of 54.5% to 46.5%.

“We’ve just had a whole slew of results here… that really did add to the evidence that the ‘No’ side are looking set to win this referendum and probably doing so fairly comfortably,” polling expert John Curtice told the BBC.

He said that it would “require something extraordinary” to prevent a “No” victory “within the next two to three hours”.

At 84%, so far, turnout for the vote looked set to break records for United Kingdom post-war elections.

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