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Rather Humerus: Congratulations to Ireland who have become the first country to vote for marriage equality by a nationwide referendum!
My heart is bursting with love and I am proud to be here in this moment in history.
I know Ireland has set itself as an example for many more nations to follow in its footsteps to accept, celebrate, and protect, all forms of love equally. I send you positivity and love wherever you are! Have a lovely day everyone!

About MTV The Show Voting (no matter who you’re voting for/voted for)

Here is the breakdown of how votes count:

Pre-score (before The Show is on air): 

  • Album sales + Digital Sales + SNS (tweets, views on Youtube, etc.) = 35%
  • Views on Tudou + Paid vote items (China) = 35% (many people are assuming that BTS won this based on the Tudou website ranking)(this is what we all just did)

Live Voting

  • Text votes during The Show – 15%
  • Tudou Votes – 15%

We really won’t know who won until it’s announced, tbh. But I think I know one thing for sure: a lot of us love both Bangtan Boys and UNIQ <3

Millennials may be prioritizing forms of expression; if someone tweets their opinion on an issue and it is seen by multiple Twitter users and shared, does that mean that the tweet was able to exact more change than that one vote?

Why millennials don’t vote

In a world where everything is digital, fast-moving, and easily connected, the voting booth feels like an archaic institution as out of touch as the politicians on the ballot

Top Shot: Bird on Alert

Top Shot features the photo with the most votes from the previous day’s Daily Dozen. The Daily Dozen is 12 photos chosen by the Your Shot editors each day from thousands of recent uploads. Our community has the chance to vote for their favorite from the selection.

A long-eared owl waits for the nighttime hunt at sunset. Photograph by Alexa Ion