Aly and Mark's dance for next week.

I really can’t wait to see Aly dancing the Rumba, Samba, Paso Doble, and Argentine Tango.

Rumba because this dance requires a lot of sexiness (or more like sultry and passion; unlike the sexy party Raisman).

Samba because well, this is another latin dance that requires the party Raisman.

Argentine Tango because I just LOVE Mark’s choreography to this dance. It’ll be awesome to see the lifts and stuff. Or Mark can find a way like he did with Katherine Jenkins that totally blew my mind (with very little lifts but still so very awesome).

Paso Doble because this is kind of a serious, ‘angry’, aggressive dance. And it is usually hard for the couple with male pro because it has the potential of the pro to outshine their partner. But I am still excited to see how Aly will cope with this dance.

What I don’t look forward to seeing: The Foxtrot. Because I find this dance is kind of boring. And also I think Aly will struggle with this dance.

So there’s no elimination this week. And next week RaisNBall will be dancing the Quickstep. I think this is kind of a tricky dance. And my opinion on how Aly will do is 50-50. Party Raisman kind of needs to be unleashed for this dance, but with such control otherwise it’ll ruin the quickstep.

Watch on


The Quickstep!

Last week I said that I have a 50/50 feeling about Aly nailing this dance because I think that this dance is kind of tricky. But thank the good lord for Mark Ballas. his choreography worked awesomely! also, Mark didn’t outshine Aly. He was able to control his moves so that it matches Aly’s. 

I love their quickstep!!!

Gosh. I can’t wait for next week. Aly better be save. Y’all better be voting for her. I’m really loving the way Mark’s acting towards his partner. He’s being such a sweetheart.


Now that you’ve seen Aly Raisman releasing her inner party Raisman and it absolutely made you fangirl SO hard, it’s time for us to do our job.


1. CALL 1-800-868-3408 
2. AT&T customer text ‘VOTE’ to 3408 
3. Also for international fans, sign in to with your email/emails.

You have a tot 12 votes for tonight. And remember to use all of them to VOTE ONLY for Aly and Mark. The score of 21 is a good start for RaisNBall. But we want to make sure they’re save, so use your votes only for Aly.

Now let’s get to work.


So… The premiere of Dancing With The Stars Season 16 is tomorrow night at 8pm on ABC (USA).

Like I guessed, Aly and Mark’s first dance is the cha-cha-cha. Which means, tomorrow night is going to be very interesting to watch. Because cha-cha-cha is a latin dance that requires some sexiness and loads of hip actions. But worry not, Raismanators. Mark Ballas is a super hot damn talented dancer that seems to never run out of inspirations to choreograph the creative routines for his partners. I just hope that for tomorrow night him and Aly’s choreography will be classic just the way Len likes it; because I think it is very important to get great scores in the first week, especially if the elimination will be on week 2 and the scores from week 1 and week 2 will be combined. 

And speaking of that. I would like to talk about how to vote for Aly and Mark. Especially for international fans. I have tweeted it from @RaisNBall_Team, and you can just search the tweets under the hashtag #VoteRaisNBall .

So here goes…

* the season premiere of DWTS has 12 contestants. Which means, in 1st week you have 12 total votes to vote for Aly. And, then the votes will reduce as many as the remaining contestants left. But if they do the elimination in week 2, this means in week 1 and 2, you have 12 total votes.

For those of you who live in America, you have 3 ways to vote for Aly:

1. You can call the number (in which will be revealed during the show) 12 times.

2. For AT&T customer, you can text “VOTE” to the number that will also be revealed during the show (also with total of 12 votes; means you can text 12 times).

3. Log on to and register your email (it’s FREE) and go to the Dancing With The Stars tab. Once you’ve registered, you can start voting for Aly. You also have the total of 12 votes. To vote here is easy. Once you’re in, you only need to click vote on the picture of Aly and Mark.

For international fans, you CAN vote. Here’s how:

Just log on to and register your email. See the number 3 above.

As the competition goes on, one couple will be eliminated every week; unless they do the double elimination in one random week like they do every season. And this is when the vote becomes crucial and tricky.

If you want to see Aly and Mark save every week and go to the final, (trust me, you WANT to see them on the final because Mark’s freestyle choreo is INSANE. He’s never not getting the perfect score for his freestyle dance) what you can do is to create loads of different emails and register them all to That way, you can have loads of votes to vote for Aly and Mark.

Because the competition starts tomorrow night, I suggest to get on it and start signing up for those new emails. I have made 5 new emails, and I have 3 original emails, thus my total votes are 96 votes.

Right. So that is all. If you have any additional information or questions, feel free to “ask” me :)

*UPDATE: The number to vote for Aly and Mark: 1-800-868-3408 (US Residents only).

* another UPDATE: for AT&T customers, text VOTE to 3408!!! #VoteRaisNBall


So. This Monday night Aly and Mark will be dancing the foxtrot.
This dance is kind of the ‘prom dance’.
As I said before, this is the dance that I am not really looking forward to see. Because I find that this dance is boring.

Also, this week they have the team dance. And they got the samba.

It’ll be very interesting to see how Aly will do. Samba is technically the hardest dance (Mark has said this a couple of times), but I believe in Aly. Because the way she pulled of the dances lately, it shows that she’s finally found the rhythm.

Ps: don’t forget to vote for them! :)