Billy Bragg - Voting and Frank Turner

“While it never amounted to much more than a rhetorical position in drink-fuelled discussions, thinking of myself as an anarchist absolved me from voting in the 1979 UK general election, my argument being that there was no real discernible difference between Labour and the Tories.

Events quickly exposed my naivety. By the 1983 election, I recognised that the Tories under Margaret Thatcher were different to Labour, threatening the things that I took for granted such as the welfare state, peace in Europe, our diverse society. Yet my debut album, released that year, expressed politics that were mostly personal. It took the miners’ strike to open my eyes. After a year of playing benefit gigs in mining communities up and down the country, witnessing class war at first hand, I began writing songs that spoke in the ideological language of the left. In interviews, I identified myself as a socialist.”

- Mr Billy Bragg in this article.

Never a huge fan of Frank but worrying to see this pattern returning.  It seems we are quick to forget our lessons… I hope we do not see further slipping into Reaganite politics.  Important for Turner fans to look into this though.

Just casted my vote. All you rebels out there who aren’t voting ‘cause you’re “too cool” or because you think your vote doesn’t matter, or because the “black vote” doesn’t matter in America, or because the government doesn’t care about us anyway, you’re completely ignorant. Anybody who knows anything about pimping knows in order to go from being the hoe to the pimp, you have to know how to play the game. If you sit back and do NOTHING at all but complain, how is that benefiting. It literally took me no more than 10 mins to fill out 10-15 blank bubbles. Understand that our President, no matter who it is, is just a figure head. He can’t do it by himself, and if we don’t put people beside him who are on out team, we don’t even have a SHOT. Understand that you won’t even have a CHANCE to fight. Know how your government works before you decide to not be apart of it. You guys know NOTHING about the world, but speak like you’re such revolutionaries. Pick up a book with more words than pictures, turn on a TV and watch something other than Love & Hip Hop, go out into the world and see what you can do to better it. This is OUR future. Your parents have already lived. They’re going to live through this…we, on the other hand, are not so lucky. I chose to make a difference today. I hope you do too. #VOTE #VOTEforFREEDOM #VOTEforaCHANCE #VOTEtoFIGHT #therevolutioniscoming #beprepared