voo doo doll


Do NOT under any circumstances remove this caption, steal, re draw, copy, re post, or take off my watermarks. I worked hard on this, please respect that.


I guess this can be my contribution to Halloween as well!

So I got a request to draw the boys as VooDoo Dolls, and I think I had a little too much fun with it. I really like the way they all turned out, even though I did Ash a little small oops

Anyways, I hope you like them! :))

They’re also transparent yeah yeah

A recent story submitted to us relayed that a woman in Galveston, Texas bought a real haunted New Orleans Zombie Voodoo doll on ebay October of 2004, It arrived as described Bound and tied in a metal box. Believing it just to be a strange curio she decided to take it out it’s small coffin and display it. “A Real Big Mistake” she says with great fear… the haunted doll attacked her, repeatedly. Afraid for her life she put it back in it;s decorated box casket but it haunted her in her dreams. Afraid to the point of mental exhaustion she tried to destroy it by burning it first, it would not burn. Then cutting it up the Knife and scissors broke and finally burying it at a cemetery. But as she tells the dolls grave was just to shallow and it appeared lying dirty on her front door step once more. She said she even resold it on ebay and the buyer wrote her that the doll had just disappeared from her home, so she sent it back to her when she found it on her door step again. The third time the buyer told her the box arrived empty. Again the evil doll was found at her door once more. True or not this story could very well happen to you! So what do you do with a real haunted doll when you can’t get rid of it?

The Original Ebay sellers ad said that this Haunted Zombie doll was very active and almost alive. It went on to say that the new owner had to follow the rules of keeping it hidden away and never to open the silver box it was locked in even to view it. She of course though all this to untrue to be believed. And as a beginner ghost hunter she thought this would be a great piece to investigate even if it was not really haunted. But to her surprise it was possessed by a ghosts, she tells. The above photo was taken in 2004, right when she had first received the doll through the mail. She had planned to investigate it and write of it’s paranormal activities for a book she intended to write about sending ghosts through the mail.

So I just visited my friend in the hospital again. I wanted to get her something, so I went to the gift shop. Everyone knows the top ten overly-expensive shops include: airports, hotels, amusement parks, and hospitals. They had handbags worth $59. Then I saw it. The most perfect gift ever. It was a white, hand-sewn voo-doo-doll. On the doll were marks such as “thyroid, saggy boobs, gas, constipation, etc…” on certain areas of the body. With it was a cute paper heart attached saying, “Stick a pin where it aches, the pain will stop when you wake.” Where the heart was was a red pin. I had to get it! There one for men and one for women. I paid for it, and the nice old lady at the cash register said it was hand-made by hospital volunteers! Heart-warming, right?! I have to take pictures and make one for myself!