Spot the difference between the awesome illustration by the lovely and talented Sara M Lyons and a really terrible rip-off that was found online. The person responsible was using it to sell merchandise. We had it taken down but the practice is widespread - if you dig our artists and come across anyone stealing from them, please let us know @ooohsaracuda #vonzos #saramlyons #fastcars #whateverforever

Death. I am now officially finished with my acid hell rendition of #pamelacolemansmith’s major arcana!! Also, I am proud to announce that this major arcana will be published and available for purchase in two editions before the end of this year by the fantastic @vonzos !!! More details as soon as we get closer to release! In the meantime, I will have a little break before starting the remaing 56 lesser arcana.. Stay tuned and thank you all@for the amazing support on this undertaking. ✌️💀🌈


Abella by Nomi Chi
Limited Edition 40 - Numbered & Signed
Available at

Crankbunny has been collaborating with VonZos since 2012 on the production of limited edition paper art objects with a whole bunch of neat artists. Yesterday Nomi’s second piece was released! This one includes a delicate vellum lung paper insert.

Sweet! Just like Nomi Chi(who… really likes pokemon apparently. $$$maple leaf cash money$$$). Now let’s talk her into creating paper dolls of her amazing ceramic art figures.

The fine folks at Von Zos hit me up to collaborate on a project for release next year. The artists they’ve worked with (and are scheduled to work with) are extremely cool and eclectic. I wish I could mention our project for next year… but they’re kinda big on blood oaths and own an unhealthy amount of swords. So it’s best I just tell you about this little project here.

Bride Ornament
4” in diameter
Lazerrr Cut
Edition of 50

Only available at Von Zos

Magical mail today!! ✨✉️✨ PS- @jacquelinedenton’s super cool limited figure available at @vonzos website!! It’s so rad!

"rajongói levél"

Remelem mindent neked olyan edes lenni mint a bájos mosolyod! Biztos jol tudod, mennire különleges es vonzo nezed ki =) Szerencses ember a Parad, aki minden reggel, láthat az kedves arcodat a mellkasan, simogathat a fenom halyadat es foghat kezdeni a napot, almos szemedvel es meleg ajkaidvel! sajnalom hogy nem tul jol tudok Magyart , remelem olvashatod. Szép jó időt!  

- a fenom hályam :((( miért?!