Here are the Work Areas and Tasks currently needed for BEFORE IT’S GONE // TAKE IT BACK: Documenting Brooklyn - Fighting Gentrification (B4G). 

We have Volunteers and Collaborators who currently live in Brooklyn and across New York City, as well as in Connecticut, North Carolina and Toronto,CA.

Please feel free to think of New and Creative Ideas to support these Work Areas!  Please let us know what area(s) of work most appeal to you and what dates and times you are available in the next week or so to talk via phone, SKYPE  or in-person.

Also please estimate how many hours a week or month you would like to give.

 If you want to be part of the growing grassroots movement to respond to the crisis of gentrification in Brooklyn then please contact us at  (646) 820-6039

Looking forward to working with you

Imani Keith Henry for B4G

Funds are Urgently Needed - So Please Donate Today

Work Areas & Tasks of BEFORE IT’S GONE // TAKE IT BACK:

Administrative & Office Team

  • Are you good at creating organizational infrastructure for virtual offices?

  • Can you help make or coordinate phone calls to volunteers or community groups?

  • Are you able to write thank you letters and maintain correspondence with project donors?

  • Are you a whiz with Mailchimp, Powerpoint, or Excel?

  • Can you proofread and/or edit documents, grant proposals, press releases, etc?

  • Do you have access to a car?  Can you coordinate pick ups or drop offs of our supplies and deliveries ?

  • Can you help us find a central convenient location to work or meet from?

Anti-gentrification Research and Resource Team

  • Can you help coordinate and compile housing, legal and community organizing resources for a specific Brooklyn neighborhood or population to go up on the B4G website hub?

  • Are you excited about compiling research, data, case law, etc that would helpful to a community group fighting displacement?

  • Would you love to research and solicit info about other anti-gentrification projects in NYC, nationally and internationally that would be included in the resource sections of the B4G website?

Anti-oppressive Best Practice Tips and Resource Team  

“I want to be part of the solution: How to live in a consciously anti-oppressive way in rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods” is a section of the website that will offer tips, political writings, and resources for strengthening the cultural awareness of both new and long-time residents

  • Would you like to help research writings and/or write for this section of the website?

Documentary Archival Team

  • Can you help with outreach to existing Brooklyn community groups, block associations, historians, archives to solicit footage, pictures, artwork to be included in the project?

  • Are you a current or former Brooklyn resident, that can organize photo, video and artwork submissions from your family, neighbors, and friends?

  • Can you be a documentarian for your neighborhood and conduct interviews with tenants and homeowners about their experiences with gentrification?

  • Can you help document anti-gentrification community events and/or track the luxury housing being built in your neighborhood and submit photos to the website?
  • Are you a long-time resident of Brooklyn who could help document the stories of elders in your neighborhood? 

Fundraising, Grants & Donors Team

  • Do you like to do Grant Research and know people in the Grant Funding world who you can pitch our project to?

  • Can you write Grants or Fundraising Promotional Materials?

  • Would like to help plan a large scale Fundraiser,  Host a House Party or Club Night for B4G ?

  • Could you Promote our GoFundMe Campaign widely to your social media networks?

  • Do you know people who you could recruit to be Major Donors?  Could you ask them to give a $200 , $500,  $2000 donation or more to the project?

  • Would you love to work on our committee for the B4G Launch Party Fundraiser tentatively scheduled for February 7, 2015?

In-kind Donations/ Perks Team

  • Are you interested in soliciting  “perks”  -  free t-shirts, mugs, art-work, services, etc -  from local businesses and artists that we can offer as rewards to donors on the GoFundMe page?

  • Can you find businesses and professionals who could donate their  administrative, legal, artistic, etc services to the project?

  • Would you like to coordinate the ordering of perks from our vendors and make sure they arrive to our donors each month?

International Anti-Gentrification Selfie Campaign & Celebrity Outreach Team

  • Do you know Spike Lee, other celebrities, or artists  who could support our project by doing a selfie, give us a shout-out in the press, on stage or over social media, perform at a fundraiser, write a song about us, make a video for us etc?

  • Would you love to get selfies from community leaders, tenant rights groups, student activists, trade unionists, health professionals, etc ?

  • Are you interested in soliciting selfies from other cities/states/ or countries?

  • Can you help get selfies from people and groups whose signs are written in different languages such as Spanish, Korean, Greek, etc?

Media & Spokespeople Team   

  • Are you already well-connected within the press and media world? Would you like to be ?

  • Can assist with creating a media strategy and help pitch stories to the press ?

  • Do you like writing press releases?

  • Have you been displaced or have a compelling anti-gentrification story that would be important to get out in the press?

  • Would you like to go through training on our project’s talking points  and become be Spokesperson for B4G?

  • Can you use your podcast, web series, or online show to promote our work ?

Promotional and Literature Materials Team

  • Are you a graphic designer or artist who can help design flyers posters, t-shirts, etc for the project?  

  • Can you create and design promotional materials to would help us better reach different demographics and communities?

  • Do have creative concepts that you think could help boost the signal of our campaign?

Social Media & Online Outreach Team

  • Can you promote the work of B4G on a daily or weekly basis through your social media or online networks?

  • Can you use your podcast or online media show to promote B4G ?

  • Do you experience developing social media strategies and campaigns?

Street  & Community  Outreach Team

  • Would you like to help organize a B4G meeting in your neighborhood?

  • Can you help get out flyers and posters up in your neighborhood,  shopping center, school, or in your building ?

  • Could you organize or be a part of a rush hour flyering team at train stations, bus terminals, or shopping centers

  • Could you allow your home, office, community center to become a neighborhood drop off/pick up site for the campaign?  

  • Can you take B4G flyers to and announce our events at your PTA, tenant rights, block association, art collective, union, etc meetings?

  • Are there stores, cafes, barber shops, places of worship that you could do regular drops or outreach to?

Translation/Language Accessibility Team

  • Of the 800 languages spoken in New York City, which language(s) can you make sure Before Its Gone // Take It Back (B4G) project’s literature is written in? Can you translate English documents into that language(s)?

  • Can you orally translate or interpret using American Sign Language (ASL) at B4G events or meetings?

  • Can you help to develop literature, graphic design or linguistic creative concepts that would be most effective to a specific community?

Video Public Service Announcement Production Team

  • Would you love to create a video Public Service Announcements about B4G’s work and campaigns?

  • Do you ideas about creative ways to use video to boost the reach of the project?

Wall of Shame Website Team

The website will also include a weekly feature entitled the “Wall of Shame” to expose greedy corporations, real estate developers and landlords whose lust for profit, for example orchestrates the tearing down of low-income or senior housing to build luxury apartments. We will also use this section to highlight current lawsuits brought against landlords by tenants.

  • Can you help coordinate and compile articles and photos from the “Wall of Shame” section?

Website Maintenance  & Submissions Content Team

  • Do you have frontend and backend web developer experience that you can lend to the project?

  • Are you proficient in WordPress and could create new pages or help with updates of information to the website?

  • Can you help correspond with Brooklyn residents who submit artwork, videos, photos for the website?

  • Can you support the B4G Content Manager and view submissions to ensure they meet the project’s guidelines?

  • Can you help to make the sure that submissions are of a high digital quality?

Again, EVERYONE  is welcomed and needed to get involved BEFORE IT’S GONE // TAKE IT BACK: Documenting Brooklyn - Fighting Gentrification (B4G).

We have Volunteers and Collaborators in who currently live in Brooklyn and across New York City, as well as in Connecticut, North Carolina and Toronto,CA.  If you want to be part of the growing grassroots movement to respond to the crisis of gentrification in Brooklyn then please contact us at  (646) 820-6039

Funds are Urgently Needed - So Please Donate Today

BEFORE IT’S GONE // TAKE IT BACK is a Brooklyn-wide project of  Equality for Flatbush  (E4F) a new people of color-led grassroots organization which does anti-police repression, affordable housing and anti-gentrification organizing in the Flatbush and East Flatbush sections of Brooklyn, NY

I set up a GoFundMe!

So I set up a gofundme for a thing I’m passionate about. Volunteering.


In the summer of 2016 I (hopefully) plan on traveling to Moshi, Tanzania with my cousin to independently volunteer. This means I’m not going through a organization to help save costs such as the volunteer fee (which can get PRETTY pricey…)

Anyways, this gofundme will help with some/much of the costs and help me get there by 2016! I’m already saving some money and so is my cousin, but we’re gonna have a hard time saving nearly $20,000 in under three years with us being in college and life in general being a pain. 

So! Could you guys help us?! Even if you can’t donate to us, please share! This is our once in a life time experience.
Even if all you can give is $1, it’s something! We’re going to set up levels of donations and little things we can do for those who donate!

We’re still getting up the page and getting the details sorted out but you can donate! :)

To donate please go to the following link:


Please reblog as much as you can! :)

Hartosexuals around the world doing good for others!

Hey! If you’ve been confused by my posts lately about Have a Hart Day Oklahoma, this should help because I finally got around to putting it on the Nation Builder site. Just click on this link and read the directions on how to register and get pumped to have the best day you’ve had in a while with (nice) strangers from the Internet! :)

NYC Call to Action- September 27th Morning Event

Hello Kitchenettes!

Sending out this call to action to try and get this volunteer event filled, as it is just around the corner!

We are in need of at least 4 more volunteers for the September 27th 8:45am Manhattan Mobile Market Event. 
You can register at this link. Please only sign up if you can truly commit to that date and time for the full event. Thank you!

If you register consider getting a friend involved as well!

Any questions Email me at

Please re-blog and help us fill this event!

Marathon read event features “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

We’ve all marathon read the “Harry Potter” series at least once… check out this librarian who’s bringing commuter college students together for a “Potter” reading event to get them excited about their college experience!

Throwback Thursday - An encouragement for us all to give back to others.

The fears that live inside of us, whatever they are, and however they manifest, prevent us from living our highest potential as individuals, and as contributors to the human race.

If we consciously and vigilantly transmute these fears through compassion for others and for ourselves, we will know what is is to live a peaceful existence on this planet.

- Gillian Anderson

BLM Utah Shares Dinosaur Discoveries through State-of-the-Art Technology and Interpretive Sites

To date, nearly 300 different species of dinosaur have been discovered in Utah, and through interpretive sites and state-of-the art technology, the Bureau of Land Management Utah is making those discoveries on BLM-administered land accessible to the public and scientific community. The Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry near Price, Utah, contains the densest concentration of Jurassic-aged dinosaur bones ever found. More than 12,000 bones (belonging to at least 74 individual dinosaurs) have been excavated at the quarry. – My Public Lands 2014 Magazine


ReBecca Hunt-Foster, BLM Canyon Country District Paleontologist, cleans one of the many tracks at the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracksite in Utah.

In 2009, a remarkable new dinosaur tracksite was discovered in the BLM’s Moab Field Office, containing one of the largest multi-animal tracksites in North America. The Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracksite preserves 10 different types of tracks, including various dinosaurs, birds and crocodiles, with over 200 tracks documented in an area of approximately 500 meters. The site is being studied by an international team led by Dr. Martin Lockley of the University of Colorado at Denver. The tracks, approximately 112 million years old, are preserved in the Lower Cretaceous Ruby Ranch Member of the Cedar Mountain Formation.


Volunteers with the Utah Friends of Paleontology work with researchers and the BLM to clean the track site. This picture was taken in 2013 during early cleaning efforts.

Beginning in 2013, ReBecca Hunt-Foster, BLM Canyon Country District paleontologist, led local volunteers from the Utah Friends of Paleontology and the Canyonlands Natural History Association to complete comprehensive sweeping of the site to prepare the tracks to be photographed. With completion accomplished in August 2014, Neffra Matthews, BLM National Operations Center, and Brent Breithaupt, BLM Wyoming State Office, worked to thoroughly stereo photograph the site. These digital images will be processed using photogrammetric software to render high-resolution, three-dimensional images of the surface and associated tracks. This imagery will be used by the BLM for documentation, research, monitoring and management purposes. Over the past 16 years, Matthews and Breithaupt have developed many of the current photogrammetric documentation techniques currently used at dinosaur tracksites around the world, expanding information about discoveries to scientific communities and the public.


Neffra Matthews (NOC) and Brent Breithaupt (WYSO) stereo-photographed the site in August 2014.


On left, photogrammetric image of a large theropod track from the Mill Canyon Tracksite. Distortions from camera lens have been removed from this image, making precise direct measurements of length and width possible. On right, photogrammetrically derived three dimensional digital point cloud that duplicates the surface at a sub-millimeter level. The digital surface is color coded to represent depth with dark blue being the deepest. This track is just over 3 cm at the deepest point.

The BLM’s Moab Field Office is also currently working on construction of a publicly interpreted trail that will guide visitors around the site. The Moab anticipates opening the trail to the public in late 2014. This work has been supported by the BLM through a “Hands on the Land” grant and funding assistance from the Utah State Office as well as outside donations through the Canyonlands Natural History Association, Utah Friends of Paleontology, The Topper Family Trust and the Moab Giants Museum.

Story and photos by BLM Utah