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Here is a great video about what some students have learned from volunteering… what have you learned? We want to hear from you! If you would like to find out what you can learn from volunteering with Rebuilding Together Dayton check us out at our volunteer page -

PODCAST: The SEC Preview Show Week Three – Hosted By Bryan Houston

PODCAST: The SEC Preview Show Week Three – Hosted By Bryan Houston host Bryan Houston welcomes back author of the book “Gumbo for a Tigers Soul” Ces Guerra to look back at the games of week 2 of the SEC and look forward to the games on the slate for week 3.

Arkansas, LSU and Texas A&M all licked lollipops in front of the home faithful in week two,…

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anonymous said:

do u want a S.O. because I voluntee

i’m single as hell but i would prefer someone i know (but yes)

My Dad is driving me up the wall. Apparently, I’m not allowed to own anything anymore! I bought an Xbox game from the charity store I volunteeer at, it was cheap so I thought “why not?”. I came home and showed my brother the game (It was a 16, like me, whereas he is 12) and said with our parents permission he could play it. According to my Dad this means I gave it to him as a gift and no longer have any right to ownership. When I call him out on this, because it was not a gift, it belongs to me, he yells at me, saying I’m “back-pedaling” and “It’s his now”.

No wonder males gamers are so fucking entitled when women aren’t even allowed to own games anymore.