Today my Free! Eternal Summer Volume 1 DVD arrived from Kyoanishop, with many extra goodies. Kyoani’s special items are large original illustrations, a memory booklet, and a binder to keep all of it inside. Volume 2 will feature a new original Makoto illustration, and an original calendar/schedule!

Since I bought Volume 1 twice (for reasons), the other store I got it from gave me this gigantic Makoto towel. Thanks?!

Why is it that commercials are five-hundred times louder than the TV show?  Like, people are always whispering, or talking all conspiratorially, and you turn the volume up to hear-it-above-a-tornado volume, still straining to hear, and the BAM!  Someone is screaming at you about how absorbent their paper towels are.  It’s not cool.  Not cool at all.



Darkeye Volume One: Wild Dog City is now available for preorder at Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and Amazon!

This is only the digital version- I could not get the print versions (both hard and soft covers!) preorderable, but they will be available on the same date that the ebook version comes out: October 1st.

I have decided not to take the original webnovel version of Darkeye down, because I want the story to be available to all readers. Therefore, you can read the earlier version of Darkeye here for free if you can’t afford to buy it!

(If you want to know what Darkeye is about, my favorite review ever was written by tumblr user arimathie here.)

Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible!!

Cover art by the talented Aliza Layne/alizabug!


럭비 면책 패ㅕ규벼ㅐㅂ폅 패고 벽지에 푹
That’s actually total gibberish, not real Korean, I keyboard slammed

I… Just spent about three hours on translations… And I didn’t even finish the narrator’s opening lines

Could I PLEASE get you guys to signal boost this and get Korean translators on board with this project? I don’t want to bother my mom too much with translations, and I’ve barely got a good enough grasp on English to Korean translations

To those who dont know, I am writing a Korean fandub of Volume 1, possibly Volume 2 of RWBY

So far we’ve got… One and a half translators and two voice actors

The Japanese project seemed so cool, and I’m writing this for the sake of my cousin in Korea being able to watch it.

Please try and get people to contribute.

Don’t speak Korean?

We need people later on to help with sound editing! I’ll let you know when I have a preview portion done, so lease message me if you can edit sound.

The Lone Wolf (superhero AU)

They’re pretty far along when the report comes on.

Stiles’ breaths are coming out in needy pants, his hands fisted in Derek’s hair and snaking up beneath his shirt. Derek’s arms are caging his head, palms pressing into the mattress as his body rocks slowly against Stiles, the sweet friction of their jeans quickly becoming an inconvenience.

Derek supposes he should be grateful they aren’t naked yet, because the way Stiles twists out of the kiss, batting at his arms until he rolls away and then scrambling for the volume on the remote is humiliating enough when they’re still fully dressed.

For a second, as the news alert chimes, Derek dares to think it might be justified. Maybe Stiles had caught a glimpse of his father, the Sheriff, injured onscreen, or a meteor had been clocked heading toward earth, or a mad scientist had unleashed a deadly toxin on the city.

But no, as Derek rolls to face the screen he just catches sight of familiar, ridiculous bright costumes and rolls his eyes.

Of-fucking course.

Stiles has twisted until he’s lying on his stomach staring at the screen, actually clutching his pillow to his chest like a thirteen year old girl and grinning at the bright red and the orange and green superheroes. They’re both beaming behind their masks, nodding along to some news story Derek can’t be bothered to tune in to.

He sits up and makes a halfhearted effort at recapturing Stiles’ attention, cupping his cheek and kissing at his temple.

“Seriously? This is what you’d rather be doing?”

Stiles doesn’t so much as glance from the TV, vaguely waving off Derek’s efforts as he gazes with open adoration at the ridiculous, neon-clad figures now feigning humility on screen. As if the attention isn’t exactly what the super”heroes” are after. Because really, why else would that one choose orange and neon green for his costume?

“Hey buddy, you start leaping tall buildings in a single bound and you can expect this kind of attention too.”

Stiles’ tone is teasing but Derek huffs, sinking back on the mattress and scowling at the ceiling.

“Do you have any idea how absurd that concept actually is? What’s the point of leaping over a building instead of going around it, besides showing off? What about the potential risk to pedestrians walking on the other side? Just going about their day, coming back from work or out shopping, and suddenly they have a superpowered idiot careening toward their head at 9.8 meters per second squared.”

This, finally, brings Stiles’ attention back to him. When Derek deigns to look back from the spiderweb spreading across the far corner of the ceiling, his boyfriend has twisted to stare, brows raised, over his shoulder. A quick glance at the screen shows a commercial though, so he’s probably only caught Stiles’ attention because the interview ended. At least it’s nice to know he rates above the newest artery clogging burger at the local food chain.

“Oh my god, Derek.” He stretches out every word, lips curling in an incredulous grin. “Do you have to work for that level of cynicism or does it just come naturally?”

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At this point, I’m just hoping the theory about Scarlet being nonbinary is correct because knowing the FNDM, if the theory is wrong, there’s going to be a meltdown. Even though in all likelihood Scarlet’s gender was decided well before anyone ever saw the Volume 2 OP

anonymous said:

Suho and P-Goon switch groups for a day?


P-Goon rests his feet on the coffee table, “This isn’t so bad. All they do is eat.” He picks up a magazine to do a little light reading and sighs contentedly. He’s only been Exo’s leader for two hours and at this point in the dogg house there would have been at least a catastrophe and half by now. Leader Sehyuk is living large, leader Sehyuk is on topp. 

"Hey Zico," Tao says as he walks into the living room.

"I’m not–"

"Kyungsoo’s gargoyles are out of control again."

"His what?"

P-Goon hears a loud shriek before a winged creature flies into the living room. 


"My auditory senses are suffering greatly right now young man, please turn it down," says Suho.


A-Tom raises the volume on his thrash metal and plays the air guitar solo of the century.




"Go to church."

Suho drops his head into his hand, “That is the fifth time you’ve told me that. It’s not even Sunday.”

"Go to church."


"…and then he says to me ‘can you pass me the cereal?’ I just could not believe it. It’s not what he said really, but it’s how he said it. He gave me the look, ya know Rapmon? Minseok had that glint in his eyes, the one that’s like sunsets. And it was incredible how he could just take a normal breakfast and turn it into this beautiful, picturesque scene. So incredible. I could write a whole novel about it if I wanted to.” 



"Hansol," the leader says, "If you’re going to take selflies you should have all proper articles of clothing on."



"You just had dinner 15 minutes ago. God, it’s like having 10 Seogoongs."


Han Jiwon walks into the kitchen.

Suho’s jaw drops, “Holy shit.”


Suho dials P-Goon’s number, exhausted from searching for Kidoh’s solo album all day. “Do you want to switch back?”

"I want a ten month vacation."

"Excellent idea," and the two leaders sail away on Suho’s yacht and that’s what you missed on Glee.

Watch on basscannonkaplan.tumblr.com

PTX Vol III — An Introduction: Problem 


Magic: the Gathering - Dandân

A dandan or dendan is a mythical sea creature that appears in volume 9 of The Book of One Thousand and One Nights (or Arabian Nights). It appears in the tale “Abdullah the Fisherman and Abdullah the Merman”, where the merman tells the fisherman that the dandan is the largest fish in the sea and is the enemy of the mermen. A dendan is capable of swallowing a ship and all its crew in a single gulp.

• Dandân (Timespiral, Chronicles, Arabian Nights) illustrated by Drew Tucker
• Scourge of Fleets (Journey into Nyx) illustrated by Steven Belledin

"I’m really proud to be a part of Little Favour. We set the record for the fastest and highest funded short film in crowdfunding history. It speaks volumes about the faith placed in us… I hope you are as proud of it as we are. A million thanks for all your massive favours” - Benedict Cumberbatch. Just some of the 60+ minutes of exclusive behind-the-scenes content available with the film on www.wearecolony.com

I keep on having dreams that im a raccoon and i keep apologizing to everyone, and apparently its meant to mean that im regretting things that i used to do when i was younger, but i think its just because i’ve been watching too much Regular Show yeh