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Tokyo Ghoul:re Volume 1 Omake.

Sasaki: Subordinate… for me?

Akira: Yes. You aren’t a First Class Investigator yet, so normally you won’t get subordinates. To be exact, it’s not like having partners but we want you to educate them as a “mentor”, just like how you and I are.

Akira: This is a direct request from Chief Washuu. The official order will be given at a later date.

Sasaki: (I wonder what kind of person it’s going to be… It would be great if it’s cheerful and humble person.)

Imaginary Subordinate: Sasaki-san, I’ve made a discovery about “ghoul”! *sparkles* *sparkles*

Sasaki: But why me?

Akira: The circumstances are special. The chief will brief you about it. Take care of your 4 subordinates, Haise.

Sasaki: F-Four? There are four of them?

Urie: Urie Kuki Rank 2 investigator.

Sasaki: (Ah, Urie-kun is that honor student. He looks excellent.)

Shirazu: It’s Shirazu Ginshi!

Sasaki: (He looks like a delinquent.)

Mutsuki: M-Mutsuki Rank 3 Investigator.

Sasaki: (He looks serious and a little shy? Did he get hurt?)

Saiko: It’s Yonebayashi Saiko. My interest is game, anime, manga, collecting figurines, browsing internet. If I watch anime, I can finish it in a day. I also like to draw, ah, even though it’s drawing, it’s not the kind that looks like photos, it’s 2 dimensional, like favorite character from manga, game or anime. Lately idols are also getting popular, especially—-

Shirazu: Saiko, shut up, you moron.

Sasaki: (So, it’s an otaku.)

From now on, they will be living together with Sasaki Rank 1 and he will guide them.

Sasaki: (But… They are still so young… for them to have the same procedure as “me”… Is this even the right thing to do? I have to guide them. That’s right. The only one who can teach them is “me”.)

Sasaki: Sasaki Haise Rank 1 Investigator. Let’s take care of each other from now on.

Sasaki: (Please don’t let these children be swallowed by their powers.)

Someone please save me. There’s no way I can concentrate working thanks to all these omake.


Mutsuki is asking Shirazu about how does it feel to get his Kagune out. Shirazu replied that it’s like when your butt opens and poop comes out.

Mutsuki then asks Urie the same question and told him about Shirazu’s opinion (the butt thing), and Urie imagines Shirazu’s “butt” coming out of his back while saying “Urie, let’s go with my bomber!”

P.S. I died reading this omake.

TG:re Volume 1 omake is killing me. (If no one translates it, I’ll do it tomorrow, I’m too busy right now ;~;)

This is the important bits I got from it:

- Sasaki’s birthday is April 2nd. I wonder if this is when he “died” as Kaneki, or if this is when he actually woke up after his fought Arima.

- Sasaki has another award other than the White Wing Award, and it’s called 金木犀… aka Kinmokusei…aka another way of pronouncing Kaneki’s name in kanji. So yeah, Sasaki has KANEKI AWARD. *falls off chair.

- The current timeline in TG:re is around September if we are basing it on Saiko’s birthday, September 4th.

- Mutsuki is confirmed a Bikaku.

- Urie, Shirazu and Saiko graduated from the same academy.

- Mutsuki is also AB blood type. More similarities to Kaneki. o.o;

- Saiko is skilled at… typing. (Is this because she is so skilled at button smashing? XD;;;)

- Arima is a dork. Yes, that GRIM REAPER ARIMA IS A DORK. *choke*


A big thank you to variationa who gave me the Translation for these two Omake from TG: re Volume 1!!! The second one had a lot of text, so thank you for that especially!!!  I typesetted it and now all the Omake of TG:re Volume 1 are translated on this Blog!

Side Note: I thought about it and I won’t upload the exclusive Character Sketches from the NnT Volumes, but I will still work on the Extra Pages!

anonymous asked:

Ishida drew a little picture of himself in the Volume 4 omake! He wears glasses and has short, black hair. Whenever I think of Ishida, I get a really young vibe, like 20-something, and the pic doesn't help haha

omfg I just saw this now actually and I also got to read the message that was included.

TG (according to this message at least) is done fully on digital. It seems that Ishida also has a tablet that he draws directly on (prob a Cintiq, looks like it according to the picture) and he has an easier time drawing on it.

Thanks for the info! o/

(look at that bby ishida-sensei)

Special Edition Volume 21 Omake: Me, the Baskerville and My Master, the B-Rabbit - English Translation

Sorry it took so long to get these translations up. Anyway, here is the translation of the Break and Gil omake, in which they discuss Oz. Scans can be found here (credit to Eck for the scans and merlinii for the link to the scans).

Here is the translation!

Panel One:

SFX: kappo kappo -trot, trot-

Break: “There’s something I’m wondering about, Gilbert. Despite having the Baskerville’s regeneration powers, you still have a scar from the wound you got from Oz ten years ago, right?”

Gil: “……I do. The wounds I got from Cheshire Cat and Zwei’s strings have all healed nicely without scarring……”

Panel Two:

Gil: “It was probably the effect of B-Rabbit’s power.”

Written Text (Break): “At that time Oz and Alice hadn’t yet contracted…But there might have been some small traces of it’s powers left inside him.”

Written Text (Plush Rabbit Oz): \Oh?//  \I was probably destroyed.//

Gil: “I think…that is the most likely possibility.”

Panel Three:

Break: “It’s a blessing, you know. If Oz, who now nearly has all of B-Rabbit’s powers back, were to strike you, the blow would likely turn you into a pile of dust.”

Gil: “Don’t say something so terrifying!”

Panel Four:

Gil’s Thoughts: '……But, it's true. The only scar that's been left on this body of mine is Oz's…'

Panel Five:

No text.

Panel Six: 

Break: “You were imagining something disgusting just now, weren’t you Gilbert!”

Gil: “Huh!?”

Break: “Ohh! You pervert!”

Gil: “WHAT!!”

SFX: tote tote -trot, trot-

Oz: “Huh, what’s this, Gilbert’s a pervert?”

Written Text (Oz): “Pervert~!”

Gil: “Not, you too, Oz!?”