10 Reasons Why I Love Zines

1. They are light weight and sometimes smell nice. 

2. There are “aha moments,” where I feel less alone in the world. 

3. Illustrations and beautiful art.

4. Occasionally I can find obscure and quirky bands + film recommendations to enjoy.

5. Descriptions of events, feelings, and life phases I thought was impossible to document, yet some random stranger in the world nails it.

6. I can almost always guarantee love, care and utmost attention was involved in creation process.

7. It is relatively easy to message the author and get a response.

8. Susceptible to severe side pains from laughing. I have found the weirdest drawings and ridiculously embarrassing moments from zinesters.

9. Endearing imperfections. It makes being perfect and static less appealing. Zines tell me it’s better to be dynamic, always curious and learning. 

10. It gives me hope in humanity that there are truly genuine people in the world.