Us Against The World // A Captain Hill Fanmix- [listen]

Captain Hill Week Day 3: Us Against the World/Travels

When S.H.I.E.L.D. is destroyed, Steve Rogers and Maria Hill team up to battle against Hydra and find the elusive Winter Soldier.
(In short, the soundtrack to a movie I can only dream exists)

Dark Horses - Switchfoot

Invincible - Ok Go

One Way Or Another - Blondie

Fly By Night Only - The Glitch Mob (feat. Yaarrohs)

Freedom Fighters - Two Steps From Hell

Rise Above It - Switchfoot

Our Demons - The Glitch Mob (feat. Aja Volkman)

Electric Daisy Violin - Lindsey Stirling

Livin’ On A Prayer - Bon Jovi

Invincible - Two Steps From Hell

White Knuckles - Ok Go

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

Roundtable Rival - Lindsey Stirling

Helicarrier - Alan Silvestri (Avengers Soundtrack)


Volkman & Marken are tiny islands in the North Netherlands… Tiny but really amazing.. Clinton and I enjoyed excursion there very much!

p.s. Clinton was so excited to see goats and sheep in Marken! He loves goat cheese and so he loves the “source” of it :) It was fun to see hooooow he was excited :)

…btw Clinton can not have any cow products what make him feel really sick leading to Crone’s disease :(