Hi, I’ve made this post before, but I forgot to check out who volintered. 

I’m almost done recording the rest of Elis Katsaros N, and now I need to oto the rest. I want this voicebank to be as perfect as I can get it, so I am asking for beta testers to check out which of his files need to be re-recorded. I’m looking for samples that have unwanted sound, but not a wonky accent. 

I will credit all the beta testers and include all of your usernames! 

I ONLY feel comfortable giving him out to people who have experience with VCV, and have recorded it before. Or generally just know what they are doing.

This voicebank is a single pitched 8-moora vcv voicebank. You can listen a sample here and here

If you are free to beta test him, please reply to this or send me a message. I’ll talk to you about the details.