//this is an excert from my fanfiction called “Tenacity” that of right now has not been published. Constructive critisism is welcomed.//

She played every scenario over in her head, wondering what had happened.

Or more importantly, why it happened.

Did Voldemort extract the information out of Peter, or had Peter betrayed them all? Had Wormtail told the Dark Lord where James, Lily, and Harry Potter lived?

For the sake of everything, Lily Potter hoped it was the former. She pushed furniture in front of the door to Harry’s nursery, berating herself for not grabbing James and running into the backyard to Apparate. That, and the cheeky git ran off to go confront Voldemort without his wand! “James, you better not die!” She sobbed, pressing her back to the door and looking at her baby - oh, her precious baby boy, caught in this war… Born in a time where everyone feared everyone… Her baby that was sure to die in the next ten minutes. She rushed forward to pull the one year old out of the crib, to hold him close for the last time. She cried softly and murmured, “Oh, my love, my darling boy… Harry James, you grow up to be a dashing young man like your father, you hear me? Be as every bit as brave and reckless as James… But remember to be sensible like me, got that? Even if - even if I’m not here, Uncle Moony will teach you, yeah? You’ll be so loved, Harry… You are so loved, Prongslet. Give Uncle Padfoot a run for his money and show him that you can out prank him.” She kissed his forehead as she rocked him, attempting to smother his sniffles. “Oh Harry, I love you so much.”

Lily heard James shout, then a thud, and the only thing she could hear was her own pounding heart and Harry’s cries.

At that moment, she knew.

James Potter was no more.

Perhaps it was pure selfishness, but Lily Marie Potter refused to live in a world without James Alexander Potter. He was her life, and he taught her how to live it and enjoy it. He saved her as much as she saved him.

So, quietly, she sat Harry down in his crib and knelt next to the bars he was clutching. “Harry, Mummy loves you. Daddy loves you. We all love you so, so much. Be brave, Harry, be strong.” She pressed another kiss to her son’s forehead, for what she knew was to be the last time.

Lily slowly stood up and faced the door as it was blown open, and she found herself face-to-face with Lord Voldemort.

As she fought for her son’s life, knowing that her own was at an imminent end, she thought of neither Voldemort nor Harry, but James. She thought of the man that was only selfish when it came to his family, but extremely selfless when it came to others. She thought of the brave, kind man who grew up simply because he loved her. She thought of the man on her wedding day, whispering the words, “I solemnly swear that I will love you and protect you with my life.”

And she thought of how he kept that promise just minutes before.

She had never been a selfish woman, always giving everything she had to others. In her final moments, her resolution strengthened and she knew: she refused to live without James, and would rather die knowing her son - their son - would be loved unconditionally by others in their place.
Lily Potter’s first and last selfish act was death.

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So my grandma came and brought the presents from my cousins, aunt and uncle, and herself and granddad.

Basically the only things worth mentioning here was a $20 bill and Voldemort’s wand replica. Really excited about the wand! But seriously, grandparents? “Magic Rocks”? Holiday-themed stickers? I’m not 5 anymore!

So we’ve got Dumbledore who wanted to be the Master of Death and then we’ve got Voldemort who wanted to be immortal. Both Lords on opposite sides of the war and both lost their dreams to the boy who didn’t want anything to do with either dream. Justice.

Harry was the Master of Death, if only for a moment. He held allegiance of the Elder Wand, he owned the Cloak of Invisibility, and he received the Resurrection Stone. And I don’t go with the whole, ‘Dumbledore gave it to him’ shtick. Technically, if we’re following lines and family, it was passed down through Cadmus’ family and belonged to Tom Riddle’s maternal grandfather. Meaning it didn’t belong to Dumbles and wasn’t his to give away in the first place. Just saying.

Harry is immortal. The second definition of the word is ‘deserving to be remembered forever’. Harry’s actions over his first seventeen years of life ensured him immortality in a sense.

So basically, Harry fucked the Dark Lord and the Light Lord over. I call it suitable revenge for the shit both put him through. 

And yes, both put him through a lot of shit in his young life.