photo by Fransisco Negroni | MY TUMBLR BLOG

Calbuco Volcano, Chile. The April 22, 2015 Calbuco Eruption might be the most shocking eruption of this decade. And this photo might be the most incredible moment captured of the gigantic explosion.

No pero enserio
  • Terremoto en Arica
  • Incendio en el Sur
  • Incendio en Valparaíso 
  • Temporal en el norte
  • Erupción del volcán Villarrica  
  • y ahora Erupción en el Volcán Calbuco 

y aun no va ni la mitad del año  ヽ(;▽;)ノ


 University of Utah seismologists say they’ve produced a full rendering of the famed Yellowstone supervolcano’s underground plumbing for the first time, and have revealed, in the process, that its deep magma reservoir is nearly four and half times larger than the smaller, shallower chamber we already knew about.

There’s enough partly molten rock down there to fill the Grand Canyon eleven times