Die Telefonanlage aus der Cloud

Die Zukunft der Telefonanlage liegt in der Cloud!

Ein Praxistipp zum Thema Cloud

Als Fernsehproduktionsgesellschaft generiert Eyeworks aus Köln ca. 16.000 Minuten Fernsehprogramm pro Jahr. Die Kunden sind öffentlich-rechtliche und private Sender.

Ein globaler Player geht in die Cloud

Ein auf globaler Ebene operierendes Unternehmens wie Eyeworks, hat intensive Anforderungen an die Telekommunikation. Genau deshalb entschied sich das Unternehmen,…

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Picture this: I am working from home, attending a conference call, while on mute the whole time. But just around the time I un-mute to say something, the cuckoo clock in the living room, which isn’t far from my study, goes off — forcing me to scramble for the software mute button. It’s surprising the number of times this happens to me. I could get rid of the clock, but given the adoration it receives from my wife, that would be an unwise thing to do.

In another scene, I am in an open office environment, and I am taking a call (because we use internet telephony of course; who isn’t these days), and my gentle co-workers happen to be taking theirs too. I could use a meeting room, but it’s a hassle: pre-book a room, undock notebook, hand-carry with headphones and power cable along, temporarily lose network connectivity and power, etc., reconnect, fumble with wires, et al. Other times with multiple audio I/Os, the hardware gets confused. Sometimes the notebook’s speaker suddenly comes to life, other times, it’s the USB headset. Being blessed with a headphone + mic jack also on my office notebook, I could get rid of the USB headset, but there’s a catch of course: If I leave it connected, I won’t get audio alerts from the notebook’s speaker; every sound then goes to the headset instead.

The thing I liked best about IP phones was that they were designed to answer calls. With those now removed from desks, due to no-fixed-desk open-floor corporate policy — designed to improve occupancy to desks ratio, answering calls has become a chore. Also, I dislike chat programs. They are a distraction, and their ‘answer now, or you’re impolite’ hustle makes me mad. I am willing to give one channel the immediacy — either a phone or a chat program, likely the former, but not both. In practice however, one needs to keep the chat-on on tools like Office Communicator, else one won’t receive a call; all of this has gotten completely out of hand.

Using clumsy headphones is no way to receive calls. I often end up dropping things to take the call — sometimes because it is important, and in doing so, the usual fumble to plug headphones in a desperate attempt not to lose the call ensues. I realized I needed a decent telephony hardware to do simple things easily (call, hang-up, mute, and toggle volume) on occasions I can avoid the headset. Plus, it needed to be portable that can go in my backpack. From searching for a speakerphone, I found Jabra Speak 510, which appears designed to do what I want from such a device. The catch: it isn’t available where I live, and so I am forced to order it from overseas. I hope to receive one soon.

Update (Mar 20): It’s been a few days since I received the speakerphone, and I’ve had a chance to test it as part of my work routine — I have a soft phone number, and for personal calls — using my iPhone. The speakerphone automatically sets itself to be the default speaker device in Windows 7 for the soft phone (via the Office Communicator, or Lync), which is nice, i.e., users without administrative rights will appreciate this no-settings-needed device. Once mated, it automatically connects to my iPhone via bluetooth. So this really is one speakerphone for two phones.

The other day my daughter called while out for shopping with her mom, and I put her on the speakerphone. My father, who was in the living room, asked if she was back home so soon, as he heard her voice, and I said I was speaking to her on the phone. That I think is a reasonable attestation of how good and clear the speakerphone really is.

Someone is harassing me from a VOIP app where they can change their number.
I’ve been contacted via text by them twice. They are making outrageous claims and their story continues to change.
Anyone out there know how to track the person behind this? I’ve contacted the police but I want a name.

Las llamadas de WhatsApp aterrizan también en BlackBerry

Siguen las noticas de WhatsApp, primero Android, recientemente iOS y ahora Blackberry recibe la actualización y también estos teléfonos tienen disponible la opciones de hacer llamadas VoIP a cualquier dispositivo que tenga habilitada esta característica. La versión que permite esto en Blackberry es la, no es una versión beta, ya está disponible para su uso total.

Esta popular aplicación para mensajería móvil, recientemente batió todos sus records y ha cruzado los 800 millones de usuarios, que además de llevar las llamadas por Internet a todos estos usuarios, se encuentra trabajando en nuevo material que incluyen nuevos iconos y una mejor interfaz.

Ahora los usuarios de Blackberry podrán llamar a sus familiares y amigos a través de esta opción en su aplicación, sin importar la distancia ni el lugar donde se encuentren, el uso es muy fácil y la interfaz es igual que en Android o iOS.

Otra mejora en esta nueva versión para Blackberrys es que las fonts ya son compatibles con los BB 10.3 y también ha mejorado el soporte para la navegación en este sistema, también se pueden personalizar los timbres de las llamadas entrantes, tal como sucede con los sistemas operativos de otros teléfonos.

Ya todo el mercado de teléfonos para llamadas ha sido cubierto por WhatsApp.


Cost Effective Managed IT Support

Small and midsize businesses have a tough time managing their operational budgets. What to cut, how much to cut and often times who to cut just to balance their budgets. Many times what gets the axe may end up costing the company by reducing performance and efficiency. Company’s IT infrastructure more often than not takes the brunt of cost cuts. Not maintaining an up to date secure IT environment cost businesses in ways that are sometimes not detected until it is too late. Aging hardware is one such example, by not keeping up to date with hardware, businesses end up having more downtime and loss of productivity.

System Architects Inc. a leader in Managed IT Support in Toronto, for almost two decades, has been able to facilitate small and midsize businesses with small IT budgets get the IT support and infrastructure that is required to have a successful business without breaking the budget. It is fairly simple for a lot of businesses that can’t afford having full time IT staff to look at firms like System Architects Inc. to provide the expertise needed to have a cost efficient IT environment.

Over the years System Architects Inc. have worked with their clients to provide customized support structures their business needs. Each business has its own individual priorities when it comes to what is needed from their Managed IT provider. Clients have various requirements, some need around the clock support, some need business hours support for the employees and some just need help when something breaks. Creating a support package that works for a company is important and benefits both parties. Clients get the support they need as well as allocation of resources can be managed to keep cost down.

Although keeping IT cost down is a major benefit for having Outsourced IT Support it is not the only reason. Even though you may have internal IT staff there are things they either will need help with or just cannot provide. System Architects Inc. has partnerships with vendors like Dell and Microsoft which can provide deep savings on hardware and software, additional services like Custom Software Development, VoIP and Private Cloud Hosting are services that your IT staff just won’t be able to accomplish on their own.

Improving services while keeping cost down is always the goal for a Managed IT provider like System Architects Inc. For almost two decades this has been the firms goal, striving to increase services and products to enhance the client’s IT environment and provide an end-to-end IT solution whilst reducing cost.

Small clients benefit from services like IT Consulting, just like a retainer you purchase a bucket of hours and only use as needed. It is what is normally labeled as a break/fix model. The difference with the clients that have this service with System Architects Inc. is that over time the firm has a full understanding of the clients IT environment and with that can provide support a lot more efficiently than someone coming in with no previous knowledge. This service has a premium rate but the benefit of having hours that never expire can be useful for small businesses with small budgets.

Larger companies that need a more substantial support structure would greatly benefit from the Managed IT packages that are offered. What System Architects Inc. has done is create a simple easy to use blended support structure that allows clients to leverage how and what type of support is utilized. Unlimited Remote Help Desk and Server Support provides clients with the often needed level 1 support. Level 1 support can typically be done remotely and is estimated to be 70% of the support that is required on a monthly basis. Having a flat monthly rate for Unlimited Server Support saves a lot of time and money for the day to day monitoring, patching and updating that is always required to keep servers and network devices healthy. Blending these unlimited remote support services with managed IT support will help reduce the overall IT cost but keep the same high standard of support that is required. Clients will always need Managed IT Support or IT Consulting to provide Level 2 support, a simple need for Managed IT Support is if there is a physical hardware failure someone will need to be onsite to assess and remedy the issue.

Written by:
Justin Roopnarine
System Architects Inc.

WhatsApp y sus llamadas pueden acabar con tu plan de datos

Tecnoxplora ha hecho un estudio comparando el consumo de datos de los diferentes servicios de VoIP que se encuentran actualmente como aplicaciones en los teléfonos de muchos usuarios y los datos revelan que el mayor consumidor de planes es WhatsApp que podría acabar con tu plan de datos en un abrir y cerrar de ojos si no estás conectado a una red WiFi.

El dato se vuelve más relevante si recordamos que los iPhones ya cuentan con este servicio, por lo que es de esperarse que las llamadas de WhatsApp se multipliquen y tripliquen, por supuesto, con esta nueva información es importante ser prudentes.

Una llamada de un minuto en WhatsApp consume un total de 778kb, le sigue hangouts con 770 kb, el estudio refleja que es más conveniente utilizar servicios como Line o Skype que consumen 261 kb Line y 410 kb Skype.

Es decir que si hablas dos minutos por WhatsApp tu consumo será de 1.5 Mb y un poco más, por lo que es importante estar al pendiente del tiempo que dura tu llamada en este sistema.

Por supuesto que se habla solo de datos, la calidad de la llamada, el retraso y otros tópicos no entraron en el mismo, pero esperamos en un futuro muy próximo podamos saber un poco más de esto.


BlackBerry and Nokia VoIP Apps Now Available to Buy at fg microtec

BlackBerry and Nokia VoIP Apps Now Available to Buy at fg microtec

(PRWEB) December 8, 2010

Following the recent launch of fgVOIP, a true Wi-FI SIP VoIP client for BlackBerry OS 4.6 and OS 5.0 devices, fg microtec has announced that its VoIP app shop is now open, providing both BlackBerry® and Nokia® VoIP apps at https://shop.fgmicrotec.com/

fg’s IP PBX Mobile Client is a feature rich soft phone application for mobile phones. It can be registered to any…

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Fi, Google’s low-cost cell phone service launches in the US

Fi, Google’s low-cost cell phone service launches in the US

On Wednesday, Google finally announced “Project Fi”, its new inexpensive cell phone service, here in the United Stated. Google’s Fi will use the T-Mobile and Sprint networks, and it will also use Wi-Fi connectivity to make calls and send text messages.

This is another beta program for the company and it will be limited until the technology evolves and tackles the shortcomings. With Project Fi,…

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Updated Vanir L51 Android 5.1.1 Builds


I am currently working on my Vanir L51 Android 5.1.1 builds, and doing a lot of testing for each. As I mentioned in my earlier post, there was a recent commit by CM, which states that it helps with the “WhatsApp” VoIP Android app distortion. I have not found a way to test that app, because it requires a mobile phone with service, so that they can send an SMS message from your phone, to verify your account. I think this is very stupid since it states that you can use the app over WiFi only. Most of you know that I have no active mobile phone service with my Sprint LG G2 LS980. I use Google Hangouts, with my Google Voice phone number, over my WiFi or any public WiFi, as my phone.

I have about 4 different audio changes, including the change by CM, which I am building and testing… All of them! The CM change was merged into the last build or 2 that I posted… whenever I first mentioned in my posts about fixing the VoIP apps. But because I cannot test “WhatsApp” and no one responded saying that it works now, I assume that it did not do shit!!!

But, HAVE NO FEAR… Like I said, I have at least four (4) different audio setups that I am building with, and I WILL NOT REST UNTIL I HAVE GOOD RESULTS!!! WORKING VoIP, with good call quality, and great phone quality!!! I may need some of you to flash a few builds to test the phone, WhatsApp, & other VoIP apps… but I know that you are all faithful & dedicated.

I have downloaded Skype, which is another VoIP app that I believe has not been working. I do have a Skype account, and I also downloaded it to my laptop. So, I will create a temporary Skype account on my laptop, to test calls from the app on my phone.

I apologize to all of you!!! Due to the work that I was doing getting the Vanir Rocks – https://www.vanir.rocks – Vanir Support Forum ready to launch… as my gift, donation, and contribution to Vanir as a whole… for users, developers, builders, device maintainers, and all involved in Vanir in any way… I was not working on my builds as much as I would have liked to, or as much as I was doing before, but now that I have launched it for all to use, I am pumped up and ready to get back to working on my builds 1000%!!!

So, keep and eye out, under the L51 builds on my AndroidFileHost account (links on the “Builds” page) for the ROMs with 5.1.1 in the name, and I will number them in the order that I build them… because those are the builds that I am building now… to fix the VoIP audio issues. I have posted one set already, with the date 042215 and I will post more after it, when they are complete, so that you all can test them and let me know which build has the best audio setup… overall, music, phone, & VoIP!!!

Thank you all for your dedication, and I hope that you enjoy the L51 Android 5.1.1 builds and appreciate the time, work, and testing that I put into each!!! Without you all this is not possible!!!

Updated Vanir L51 Android 5.1.1 Builds was originally published on SS Root Development

Facebook Messenger for Android adds cross-platform video chat support

Facebook Messenger for Android adds cross-platform video chat support

Facebook continues to add new capabilities to its Messenger app today with the launch of a new video calling feature. A new video icon at the top of conversation threads will initiate a call, allowing participants to communicate across platforms over Wi-Fi or LTE connections.

The addition puts Facebook in competition with Google’s Hangouts, Microsoft’s Skype, and other similar services.…

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Loway Switzerland, Official Partner Program 2015.

Discover today the several competitive advantages of becoming a Loway official partner reseller.
Find the most valuable Asterisk call-center solutions for your customers’ business.


Write to sales@loway.ch for booking a presentation of the program.

WhatsApp calls blocked in the UAE.

To all of you who might be rejoicing at the prospect of calling friends instantly on WhatsApp; residents of the UAE, be prepared to be disappointed - again. As you know nothing goes beyond the realm and grasp of the ever-awake eye of Sauron, I mean Etisalat. Being the country’s first and largest telecommunication network, I have never seen an entity so prone to change and advancement. If it’s anything that has to do with affecting their revenue, they’ll be the first to block or deny access to it. I thought after all these years, they would change, but it doesn’t really matter to them.

I could go on and on about how backwards their policies and nonsensically exuberant their prices are, really. If they only looked at some of the other regions telcos and saw how they price their products (with way faster and better facilities). And the worst thing is that their PR is a joke. If you confront them, they’ll blame it on the regulators, when in reality it has nothing to do with them as I’ve used their competitors services (Du Telecom) with any blockages of VoIP applications. Anyhow, that’s my rant for the day.

Come attivare le chiamate con WhatsApp sul vostro iPhone

Recentemente Whatsapp si è aggiornato e finalmente le chiamate sono giunte anche per tutti i possessori aventi un’iPhone. In passato vi parlammo, in questo articolo, di come attivare le chiamate con Whatsapp su uno smartphone Android. Oggi invece vi spiegheremo come attivare le chiamate sul vostro iPhone.

Da premettere che ancora non tutti le hanno attive, e soprattutto diffidate dai tipici…

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