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IVE GOT LAODS OF THESE Lma o hope u like them SO ITS PROM NIGHT OR W/E and ur sat outside with your fav at the after party and youre laughing and stuff and its like voilet sky and like its quite cool and your in your cute lil dress (or suit or w.e u wanna wear) and hes looking at you and theres a breeze and your hair goes in your fce a lil bit and he licks his top lip and bites his bottom and smiles as he moves the piece fo hair from ur face and then u just stay so close to his face and omg

omg I lub these a lot aw agdkf


Omg. New vid. Hey Voilet. Dont even.

Sunday 31st July 2005

In which I point blank lie to a book. 

Dear Diary, 

Marvy day! Liv’s had her b’day party 2day! Talking about that, I was going to tell you about us going to London! How fab is that? Double fab with knobs. Yup, the siamees kitten has arrived! Siames kitten is what the boys call me at school because a) I am super-sexy in the extreme and b) I have very sharp nails. Voilet. Tres sportif, night-night. 

Ooooo, and I still think Danny is dreamy, even though I had a dream last night when - oh bugger, I have to leave entries like this but I really have to go. 


Frankie Lemon x 

Monday 1st August 2005


Dear Diary,

Now, where were we? Oh year, I had a dream last night (well, the night before) that class 6 went on an outing to the cinema. Haven’t got a clue what we were watching, so don’t ask. Anyway, I ended up sitting next to Rob (my dumpee) and suddenly, he starts kissing my face, everywhere. I say, “kiss me properly.” And all I can tell you about that kiss was while it lasted, I can sense it was wonderful, pure, etc. But I just can’t recall it at all. It probably doesn’t make any sense but…

Anyway, when it finished I said, “You still fancy me, don’t you?” and he said, “Like mad” and we both giggle. But then I said. “But, Rob, I already have a boyfriend.” And he smiles, “Oh Fran, I know how adventurus and fiery you are, take a risk.” (By the way, my boyfriend here is Danny, Har Har Har.) And then I wake up. 

So, what should I do? Two-time Danny, let my adventurus side free (ooer?) and go back to my old, red-bottomed self? Or shall I say no, once is enough, I have a great friendship with Danny so bog off!


Frankie Lemon x