버선발로 뛰어나가 받아온 보익 12미리. 여섯컷 정도 남은 필름으로 테스트 샷 촥촥 날려보았다. 저 필름은 유통기한 조금 지난건데도 불구하고 가혹한 조건하에서 크론, 쥬미타, 헬리어 테스트샷들을 담아 주었네. 벌써부터 현상이 기대된다. 근데… 언제쯤 맡길 수 있으려나.ㅎㅎ 마음만 급해서 롤플에 남겨둔 엑타 여섯컷도 막사진으로 다 찍어버렸다. 가장 기대되는 순간!


Another snowy day in New York. Yes, it’s snowing again. Yes, many locals woke up this morning and screamed at the heavens, “for the love of… make it stop!” (I’ve seen that going around in an internet meme)…

I’m thoroughly convinced at this point, if you believe in god of course, that she has us confused with Vermont. Of course, I’m fine with that. I love snow.

Within the next few weeks all this snow will be over. In true Spring fashion, we’re setting our clocks ahead this weekend, so it will be staying light a little later. By the end of the month we’ll have sure signs of warmer weather. By April there will be buds on the trees and another winter season will be passed. 

The quicker the snow is gone, the quicker another year goes by. I say we should pause and enjoy it while we can. Life is short… and snow, while you may hate to shovel it, if you just take a moment to look, it really is beautiful.

For me, I’m a little sad when the last snow of the year is finally behind us…