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Find inspiration & share your story on our Community Blog! Remember, you don’t have to be “recovered” to be free; freedom comes from releasing ourselves from the secrecy that makes us feel trapped.

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#VoicingFreedom Photo Project!

“Voicing Freedom”

As most of you have noticed, our tagline is “Voicing Freedom” – which is exactly what us at Libero Network do: we share our stories in hopes of showing others the freedom we have found, and helping them on their journey towards that same freedom.

Often I get asked “But I’m still in recovery, so I don’t really consider myself ‘free’, right?” Wrong.

We believe that Freedom is not found only once one achieves ‘full recovery’; freedom is found once one is able to separate his/herself from the inner voices that work to destroy: whether that be your addiction, ED voice, depression, anxiety etc… As soon as you recognize that your identity is not found in your struggles, and as soon as you then separate that from who you are and how you see yourself and instead approach it as a separate entity that you will go up against – you have found freedom, because you are no longer chained and because no longer has your identity been lost to something/someone else.

What is this Project?

This project will allow all the members of the Libero Network community to share pictures of themselves holding signs that share the freedom that their story represents.


We believe in freedom. And we believe that freedom from addiction, eating disorders, depression, abuse, etc. is possible for everyone. And our hope is that through this project we will be able to show evidence of this. Through sharing your photos, you are not only celebrating your own freedom, but you are also showing others that they are not alone, and that Freedom can be theirs, too.

How to Submit

There are many ways you can submit your photo(s):

Please ensure that photos are in a standard web size (minimum 640 x 480 pixel – approx 100KB) and that the writing on your sign is clear, and easy to read.

Some Ideas:

Here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing…


  • Holding the sign in front of you, above your head, to the side
  • Standing, sitting, JUMPING!
  • Leaning the sign against a wall and standing next to it
  • Hanging the sign on the wall behind you and then standing/sitting in front of it


  • Free From ED
  • Free From anorexia
  • Free From bulimia/binge eating/orthorexia/compulsive exercise etc.
  • Free From depression / suicidal thoughts
  • Free From abuse
  • Free From anxiety attacks
  • Free From self-hatred / self-harm
  • Free From Your words / your expectations / your standards
  • Free From your lies about beauty
  • Free From destructive thoughts
  • Free From addiction (alcoholism, drug addiction etc…)
We look forward to seeing your photos! And don’t forget to get your friends involved!

We believe in sharing stories. Have you shared yours? VoicingFreedom.com #VoicingFreedom — “You cannot die without ever having told your story; you cannot die without ever having expressed who you truly are.” -Tom Shadyac “Life’s Operating Manual”

Sarah Smith “Free From that Darkness”

Not there yet - but I will be Free from That Darkness. That’s how I see my ED: a darkness that can consume me, if I don’t fight it.

I chose to take my picture by my favorite section of my wall - the painting behind me says:

"Courage to Change: It takes great courage and inner strength to change from that which is known and comfortable to something which is new and fresh. That which is unknown often contains our greatest potential. To seek our potential by risking change is the path of true greatness."

My dad gave that to me, to mark one year of being out of hospital. It is one of my most treasured possessions, and reminds me that CHANGE is my path out of the darkness.

Find out more at: LiberoNetwork.com/VoicingFreedom

Submit your photos by posting them to Tumblr, using tag: VoicingFreedom or tweeting to @liberonetwork or #VoicingFreedom