My school’s GSA is celebrating a queer person at every meeting and learning a little bit about the history no one teaches us in school. I’ve decided to share it all with you! 

This is Marsha “Pay It No Mind” Johnson.

She was a trans rights activist who lived in New York City and is known as the “Queen of Stonewall”. She was one of the leaders and major voices behind the Stonewall Riots.

She also founded the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (S.T.A.R.) in the 1970s and was the “mother” of the STAR House which supported trans women by providing food, clothing, and shelter.

In July of 1992 her body was found floating in the Hudson River shortly after a Pride event, and the police ruled her death a suicide. However, her supporters and friends claimed that she had been seen being harassed near the spot her body was found. The police refused to investigate the cause of her death.

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Mae Whitman (Katara), Dante Basco (Zuko), and Spencer (Aang, volunteer from the audience) reading a portion of The Promise Part 1 comic. 

Video fromDrowningLessons23 

This is glorious! Loved hearing their old voices! gave me the feels.



someone drew kirin with lightening scars and i though that was badass but then i instantly lost where i saw the picture s o im sorry but thanks your idea was wicked cool and i wanted to draw them too *_*

and then i drew kirin as a kirin !! but was too lazy to search for what kirin actually wears because i mean. its me! HOWEVER i also wanted to draw a cute kirin hoodie/mage robe thing anyway so whatever, its cute !! and i want one !!! *gushes quietly* I tried to at least match them to his colours tho but it’s like 5am and i need sleep

and then i drew the headshots of ridge and kirin w like their joint-full beard because of this. aw ye. 


So, you want to watch an opera. But how do you wade through all the muck (and there’s a LOT of it on YouTube). Which have subtitles (English or otherwise)? It can be super overwhelming. How do you search?

Here’s where I come in—I’ve made playlists:

Complete Operas with English Subtitles

Complete Operas without English Subtitles (1)

Complete Operas without English Subtitles (2)

Baroque and Obscure and/or Early Classical Operas

Bellini Operas

Donizetti Operas

Handel Operas

Rossini Operas

Verdi Operas

Wagner Operas

These lists are by NO MEANS comprehensive—they change almost daily as I add and subtract (things get taken down, etc.). There’s a lot of overlap with the composer-specific playlists, as well.

Please share and enjoy!





Long ago the four sections, lived in harmony. 

But everything changed when the Tenors got out of check.

Only the Director, master of all voices, could create balance.

But when the world needed him most he disappeared.

Many months passed and now a new Director has risen, a wise soprano with a doctorate.

And although she has worked with many difficult choirs, she will face her greatest challenge now.

But I believe she can save this choir.