as i’ve become less active in the fandom i’ve decided to do one of these :)

in no particular order (ps i tried getting the correct url if not sorry <3)

voguejai, beauspeter, lukeslamb, kissingdirtypigs, jaibrookscock, admirejai, officialjanoskian, ejaiculation , fingermeluke, curllyhead, penola, forever-a-janoskian-fan, janoskiuns, janoskiansblog, dtf-sahyounie, woahbeau, sahyounie, whyjaidon, jaicrew, jacksgap-feels, lukesmurs, effabeau, janoskitubers, justanotherjanoskianator, male-janoskinator, ilyjanoskians, janoskiansonmybed, skippingluke, calumthomas, jaicrew, littlebeaupeep, inbedwithluke, jjanoskianss, jyebruuks

theres more but they dont go on anymore or changed url that i dont know haha </3 and im pretty sure some are multi-fandom blogs in there and sorry if ive forgotten anyone but ily a trilly o k that was a lame thing to say but you guys all have fab blogs  :)

mel xx

Now for the members of my new janoskians promo group!
  • ofdomenics
  • voguejai
  • jileh
  • kingyammouni

i know i only said i was picking 3 but there were too many perfect blogs to pick from it was so hard to decide! so congratulations if you got in, i’m so sorry if you didn’t get in as i said there were so many amazing blogs to pick from (i even followed some of you!)