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The concept of these tanks is to setup short term scapes in different glass containers. The limited lifetime of the tanks allow me to setup unique aquascapes without the long-term constraints like needing a filter. Setup and then give it life as a unique point in time. 

The bottle was filled with the water from the shrimps tank. (So it’s cycled water). About 100 ml to fill.

Do NOT keep fish, shrimp (or any other animal) in small and unfiltered tanks! These were in there for less than an hour!

Forest Edge - One hour Tank #1:

Clearing - One hour Tank #2:

Forbiden Forest- One hour Tank #3

The Lonely Three - One Hour Tanks #4

Wild island - One Hour Tanks #5

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Music: Reception by Teknoaxe

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One of my older tank setups. 54 liters.