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11 year old Jazmine Sullivan completely KILLS it singing “Home” from The Wiz.How the hell does an 11 year old come up with these riffs? 

The riff at 2:38-42 has 25 notes!! Here is the notation in case you want to follow along and cry:


Sometimes, you gotta stop a second, and listen to a video of non stop R. Kelly vocal runs.

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what are vocal runs and riffs? ;p

they’re almost the same, only riffs are probably shorter and are usually added very quickly into a word when singing. vocal runs have more variation in notes and they usually last longer, i think. i’m not sure if i’m accurate tho. here’s a video of a girl doing amazing riffs and i’ll let queen bey demonstrate the runs ~


1991. Enjoy the Violence

 is the second album by band Massacra. The title is a play on the Depeche Mode song “Enjoy the Silence”.

This album is absolutely no exception, and is possibly the best offering the band has. Through all the great death and thrash metal bands that have come and gone since this release, If you enjoy fast, heavy riffs, eccentric vocals, and neoclassically-influenced song structures, this album is perfect. 

 Jean Marc Tristani      Fred Duval     Pascal Jorgensen    Chris Palengat 

Denim Blue and Miclain Keith

Keeping things simple is probably one of the most complicated things that a musician could ever do. Ironic isn’t it? Denim Blue and Miclain Keith managed to create a really immersive and cinematic blend of sound, yet their indie pop is direct and extremely easy to relate to. The project has just released “The Abyss”, their debut full-length album. The songs are introspective and intimate, but they sound rather big, with reverberated guitar riffs, soulful vocals and great arrangements that echo artists such as Coldplay or The Fray, but with a more honest and less polished attitude. 


Listen for yourself and let the music tell you the rest of the story:



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Bands I Wish I'd Heard Sooner: Palace

(image of Palace from band facebook page)

Handpicked by Jamie T to support him on his European tour next year, alt-blues band Palace are soon to be your favourite pick-me-up but chill-me-out band. The London-based four-piece’s Lost In The Night EP (listen to it here on soundcloud), self-produced at their North London studio, is five tracks of wholesome smooth alt-blues with an undercurrent of old-school rock. Bittersweet lyrics in ‘I Want What You Got’ twist over relaxed guitar riffs with vocals as smooth as butter and pure emotion. Billed as the ‘ones to watch’, they sold out two headline shows at St Pancras Old Church and have just completed their first ever UK tour. Pretty impressive, especially seeing as they only performed their first out of London show at Leeds festival earlier this year. If you’re looking for sweet tunes with a soft, uplifting guitar and gentle vocals, these are your guys.

Members: Leo Wyndham (vocal, guitar), Rupert Turner (guitar), Will Dorey (bass) and Matt Hodges (drums)

Performing April 9th 2015 at Red Gallery, London

By Annabel

Go Tell It On the Mountain / Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Medley)
  • Go Tell It On the Mountain / Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Medley)
  • Gregory Porter & Anita Wilson
  • Motown Christmas

I’m a huge fan of Motown. And I’m an equally huge fan of Christmas music. So imagine me salivating at the sight of this 2014 holiday album release.

Skimming through the track list, my eyes are drawn automatically to this cut, which features Gregory Porter, whom I feel is among the most gifted jazz artists these days, and celebrated Gospel singer, Anita WIlson. Their take on GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN references the Motown classic, AIN’T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH, for a soul-filled listening experience. The vocal riffs, bursting brasses, hammering snares, and Gospel back-ups are signature Motown—but this time, used to herald to coming of the Lord. All in all, it’s that kind of holiday mash-up music that tells you it’s time to get down and shimmy. Good time are a-comin’.


Dystopia Nå!
Recently I stumbled upon this great, underrated band and I thought that it’s really worth mentioning here. They are a Norwegian band and play an interesting mix of atmospheric black metal, post black metal, shoegaze, depressive rock, doom metal… you name it. Harsh vocals, clean vocals, heavy riffs, catchy riffs, synths, moody ambient passages- you’ll find here all of this stuff. The have released one full-length album, Syklus, and if you like this kind of music I tried to describe you shouldn’t be disappointed. I sure as hell wasn’t. Go check’em out!

official fb

NEW TRACKS: Ex-Cult - “Meda House Company”

Memphis garage rockers Ex-Cult have plans for 2015. Plans that include touring, new music, and general sock-rocking. One of those plans includes their new EP, Cigarette Machine, which will be out February 2nd on Castle Face Records. “Meda House Company” is the second single off of the forthcoming EP, but not secondary in quality by any means. Ex-Cult has stayed true to their sound, which is full of deep, brooding vocals and fast guitar riffs that vibe well with any post-punk enthusiast’s music library.

Listen to “Meda House Company” here.

-Sydney Sanial