Gaya ng mga kaibigan ko nung high school, ang mga taong nakikita niyo sa bawat litrato ay minahal ko na rin. Sila yung akala mo iba-iba ng ugali, pero masaya kasama. Minsan parang tanga, minsan seryoso. Mga random na tao. Pero totoo. <3

PS. Hindi naman kami mga ugaling college students. Parang high school girls and boys pa din. Nag-iba lang ng uniform. =)))

The doctorz’s wife ate two apple a day, just to be safe.
But her husband kept
Coming home.

-The tiny book of tiny stories, vo1

Title: Safety Dance
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Verse: AU
Warning: Swearing
A/N: Written in 2010 in response to a challenge from VO1 [link]

Noah had done some stupid things in his life. Several actually. There was the time he took a joy ride in his dad’s car with a couple of friends, not so bad all in all, except he was only 12 and wrecked the car into a telephone pole.

There was the time he had tried to practice his skating on the not quite froze pond behind his grandmother’s house.  Or the time during senior year when he had gotten into a drinking contest with Kevin and ended up puking his guts out for the rest of the night, and most of the next morning.  Thankfully he hadn’t gotten alcohol poisoning.

But this? This took the cake.

Okay, volunteering at the summer camp, fine idea. Great idea actually, because that meant he got to spend tons of time with Lita.

Beautiful, fun, sweet, wonderful Lita.

Letting himself get talked into performing for the kids’ talent show. Bad, horrible, awful, stupid idea! Well, maybe not that bad. He had been going to do a stand up routine with some material written by Zach, Jay, and himself.

But that wasn’t what they announced when they called him up on stage, no, they had said he would be doing a tribute to The Evolution of Dance.

Fuck Jay, Zach, and the horse they rode in on! 

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As the suget cube sank in the cup of tes, he did his best wixked witch of the west.
“I’m melting,” he screamed, “MELTING!”

- The tiny book of tiny stories, vo1