Gaya ng mga kaibigan ko nung high school, ang mga taong nakikita niyo sa bawat litrato ay minahal ko na rin. Sila yung akala mo iba-iba ng ugali, pero masaya kasama. Minsan parang tanga, minsan seryoso. Mga random na tao. Pero totoo. <3

PS. Hindi naman kami mga ugaling college students. Parang high school girls and boys pa din. Nag-iba lang ng uniform. =)))

Title: Sunday Mornings
Author: Goldnheart
Word count: 995
Status: Complete

This oneshot is not up to my recommendation standard since it’s too simple in content, don’t even need to put a summary here. But hey, sometimes less is more right?

But I recommend the author’s writing, particularly her MinaKunz interaction, there is this playful teasing between them displayed through well written dialogues and little actions, which are laced with sexual suggestion, but not overly lewd level. This style is apparent in many of Golnheart’s other pieces, so check them out too! (Some of them, including Sunday Mornings, are edited by VO1, the author behind my absolute favorites: Moonshine and Economics)