Week 3: Find an article about education from a magazine

This week you should:

Find a text about this week’s ‘Education’ topic from the following magazines:

Post your text for others to read.

Write a short summary of the text in your own words.

Post your summary for others to read.

Read another student’s summary and post a question about it.  

Gaya ng mga kaibigan ko nung high school, ang mga taong nakikita niyo sa bawat litrato ay minahal ko na rin. Sila yung akala mo iba-iba ng ugali, pero masaya kasama. Minsan parang tanga, minsan seryoso. Mga random na tao. Pero totoo. <3

PS. Hindi naman kami mga ugaling college students. Parang high school girls and boys pa din. Nag-iba lang ng uniform. =)))

Young Bagz "Blacked Out Vol 1"

Young Bagz drops “Blacked Out Vol 1” mixtape #Brainofbmw @YoungBaggy

Blacked Out Vo1” is the latest release from up & coming Pittsburgh artist Young Bagz. Bagz linked up with the talented producer Jpad DaJuggernaut Minor from the Beat Intellects.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Young-Bagz/692706864184637
Instagram: @young_bagz
Twitter: @YoungBaggy
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/young-bagz-1

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