Just thought to share it for everyone to see. I going to tell you this I read this letter every time I saw sad and it always brought a smile to my face.  I’m sorry for leaving you like that but I had to and you knew the reason why. I missed you so much. Anyways you have always been there for me and you always know how to make me smile. You put a lot of effort into making me smile when I was at a low point and for that I’ll always love you pup and I’ll always be here for you. Remember that Noona loves you!~

Dear Zelo bb,

Where are you? How have you been? I haven’t seen you since the last time you announced you were about to get off hiatus. I miss you. The next time I see you, I’ll make sure to tackle you to the ground and cuddle the shit out of you. I miss my little vampire. ;; Btw, your girlfriend followed me not too long ago, she’s a cutie pie. And the two of you are absolutely adorable together.
I miss you oh so much. But I know you’re still around, watching over your noona. u_u

vmpxjnhng asked:

-laughs- remember when we first met? how it was all pretty much on awkward accident, now look where we are

Oh god, yeah I remember. I was trying to make friends, and I saw you reblogged that thing of “the first who sends me *insert simbol here* will be my girlfriend for a week” I sent it and I got to be your girlfriend for a week. -laughs-

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-rolls his eyes playfully- Sassy as ever I see. And it's no problem babe It was a little sad seeing you not have anyone to speak with other than me so joining a family I think would be a good start for you -pats your head- and keep waiting! I'm still busy! -laughs-

-smirks- You know I’ll never change that. Yeah, if it was sad for you, imagine how sad it was for me. -sighs- I’m already speaking to some people, and trying to make some friends. -smiles- Take your time, I’ll wait.

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YAY YOU'RE HERE!!! and I see you got yourself a family now? I'll be on in just a little bit okay? -Giant Bird

No, Junhong. I’m not here. I’m over there!

And yeah! I did! Thank you for sending me the directories! -smiles- I’m here waiting for you. -makes grabby hands-

vmpxjnhng asked:

Eunji Noona~ I'm coming back tomorrow! -smiles happily- Where are you at? You better be here -narrows his eyes and points at you playfully-

I’ll be here later, so you better be here too! I miss you tons, you Giant Stupid Bird! -pouts- Noona wants to hug you.