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Nerdfighters, Internets, and Weather

Asylum of the Daleks

This post is a response to Alex Day (yes I’m gonna write ‘omg the feels’) and Vloggin Egan. Both slammed the latest episode of Doctor Who- the Asylum of the Daleks.

Alex’s article

VlogginEgan’s video

I couldn’t write you both responses because youtube doesn’t give you enough space and I didn’t want to be apart of the whole Alex Day hate on the leaky news article.

Before I start let me state that I haven’t seen it in a few days and I have been sick so don’t attack me too much.

My head agrees with you both. My heart wishes to fight you because ITS DOCTOR WHO.

My take on the episode can be summed up by Ratsy, someone who posted a comment on the Alex Day article…

I would have to say that I agree with you, to an extent. Everyone else seems to have loved the episode but, in my opinion, it was ok. Not awful, but certainly not something to write home about.

My head- I agree with you both that the Souffle Girl is just a rehash of Amy and River. They can sort of get away with being similar because they are Mother and Daughter, but now it is getting old. Add a new dimension please, an individual like Rose and Donna. Ahh Donna, now there’s a character….

It was abit like watching a children’s SCi Fi show, a bit too predictable in its method. A lot of the time we knew what was happening before the doctor did (the eggs). Although it creates suspense the ol’ Hitchcock way, I have always liked Doctor Who because the doctor has always been the one with the plan, leaving the viewer guessing until the end.

Dont get me started on the whole removing emotion to become Daleks thing. I can never understand how they can feel scared and hatred but not love or happiness. Kinda like Voldemort in a way. Big plot hole there…

My heart, I love the characters. Matt Smith is like a grown up kid. He is just so lovable and quirky but can also be serious as well. Although he is not as good as David Tennant, he is my favourite and what got me into the whole franchise.

I also love the Ponds, the somewhat love triangle, Rory not knowing if his loved is returned. Yes it is a bit soap opera-ish but come on we needed a change. Not everyone needs to be in love with the Doctor. This is a dimension that has not been done before. The Doctors companions being in love… with each other? Happy

I think that Amy’s love for both the Doctor and Rory is very real and well acted. The raggedy man with whom she has waited her whole youth for and the man who has always been there; different forms of love, shown in a very complicated way *sigh* I guess my being female is being played here.

The Ponds’ actions and reactions are all normal given the situation. I am sure you both have done things in the hope that it will make someone else’s life easier, while sacrificing your happiness. I know I have. Amy’s decision was done with her adult hat on. It would take a lot of courage to realise that you can’t give the person you love something that they have always wanted, and so give them up in order for them to do so. Granted, the way the audience was told was not the best. I am adamant that this has something to do with the memory plot holes in the story. Moffat likes leaving subtle hints in his stories, I think this is what is at play here (hopefully).

That’s all I can say for now, lets hope that the rest of the series is awesome and we all don’t get too upset when the Ponds go. Well okay I’m speaking for myself now aren’t I boys?

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Dang it Mike! Now I’m stressed about the state of things again. 

Side note: This is super important to me. 

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Hard Drives, Classes, and Holmes

Thank you to anyone who has watched an enjoyed one of my videos.

I just passed 800 subscribers on VlogginEgan, and that’s pretty cool.

Next stop 1000? Maybe? That’s weird.

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