Every child wants to hear this from their parents — especially when it’s the moment after they come out as gay. In this case, the father of YouTubers Aaron and Austin Rhodes, who bravely filmed their coming out announcement for the world to see, got to deliver the loving words twice in a row.

The brothers start their video by announcing their sexuality to their fans, but the twins still had one more person to tell: their father. So, what’s a YouTuber to do? Film it! For the next eight minutes, the brothers videotape their heartfelt, tear-filled and poignant conversation with their dad.

A Dad’s Response to His Twin Gay Sons Coming Out Is Perfect






You’ve done it. You’re a grown up and you have your own space. Or possibly you still live with your parents. Either way if you live in a home where the living room can fit 15 or more people and you’’re interested in hosting a house show, we’re looking for you! My good friend, Rusty Clanton, and I are searching for hosts to book house shows this December 1st - 14th!

What does a house show look like?

6pm, we’ll arrive to set up. 7pm “doors open”, guests start arriving, mingle, eat food or snacks if you wish to provide them. 8pm music starts. Our show is just under an hour 20. Mingle at the end, then kick people out when you are comfortable with it. You can think of a house show as a potluck with entertainment (although you’re not required to ask your guests to bring food).

Who can come to my show?

That’s up to you! We need at least fifteen guests to cover expenses so if you have fifteen friends who will come, you’re set!Or if you’re feeling more adventurous you can let us promote it (guests would be required to RSVP before we send out your address, we would also cap it at your capacity!)

What do I need to be considered?

1] A living area that can seat at least fifteen people (it’s okay to seat people on the floor, but your guests will probably appreciate some seating). 

2] a guest bedroom and a couch to sleep on. We’re two artists, so we’ll need two separate spaces to sleep.

3] you need to live East of Chicago (Chicago included).

4] You need to be available for a show in the first two weeks of December.

5] You need to be 18, or if you’re parents are interested have them email us!

What about money?

The show will be a suggested donation of $10 per person with 85% going to the artist and 15% going to you (the host) to help cover any snacks you purchased.

I’m interested! Now what?

Send me an email at tessaviolethouseshow (at) with:

1] your name

2] your address

3] your living room capacity

4] if you’re interested in a promoted show, or friends and friends of friends only

5] What nights between December 1st - 14th you’re available. Please give us a couple options!

6] sleeping arrangements

7] photos of the house and any other prevalent information

Can’t wait to hear from you!



Videos on WhatImDoingRightNow have been running a little very behind schedule, and have yet to even get into April, here are a few other people participating in VEDA (Vlog Every Day in April) that I’ve been enjoying this year:

Claire Grosvenor: My girlfriend, Claire, reluctantly agreed to participate in VEDA this year, mostly at the insistence of my editor, Logan. April first was the first time she had ever uploaded a video to YouTube, and, maybe I’m biased, but I think she’s doing a fantastic job.

Rachel, AKA WingedShoes7: Rachel is enthusiastic, quirky, and obsessed with puns. If it gives you any indication of what to expect, her first VEDA video this year was called “Butt Peaches”.

Logan George: You might recognize Logan (AKA Howard Logan George IV; yes, that’s his real name) as the editor of my daily vlogs on WhatImDoingRightNow. For VEDA, he decided to take a stab daily videos of his own. I very much enjoy his aesthetic.

Matthew Gaydos: Need more Matthew Gaydos? Look no further than his very own channel! Matt’s been participating in VEDA for the last few years, and never disappoints. Sometimes he talks about his day, sometimes he takes on viewer-suggested topics, and sometimes I just gaze longingly into his beard.

The Lonely Director: Nick is the director of Crash Course and owner of an adorable corgi named Abby. Drawing on his experience as a filmmaker and university professor, his VEDA videos delve into the world of writing/directing/producing/etc. and showcase what it’s like to work on big projects like Crash Course.

Jessi Knudsen Castañeda: You may know Jessi from her appearances on SciShow, or as the host of SciShow Kids and Animal Wonders, but VEDA is her first foray into putting her own personal content up on YouTube. She’s got adorable kids, and tons of animals all over the place. It’s a fascinating look into her daily life.

Gavi Lazan: Those who watch my daily vlogs will probably recognize Gavi’s name from the comments section. He has dubbed his videos this month VMOTDIA (Vlog Most of the Days in April), and they are among the more interesting videos I’ve been watching so far this month, if only due to my ignorance of Jewish culture. Gavi lives in Israel, and, as an American, it’s fascinating to see daily life from a point of view that has never before intersected with my own.

Steve Clark: Steve claims to be the world’s 414th oldest Nerdfighter, though I question the accuracy of his calculations. He’s very active in the YouTube community, and his passion for life, love, and knowledge is undeniable. He shares his enthusiasm for YouTube (and Minecraft) with his daughters, and he always has something interesting to say.

I hope you give these guys a look-see. And if you enjoy their content, don’t forget that, as a content creator, receiving comments/thumbs up/subscriptions is like an actor or musician receiving applause after a performance. I’m sure they’d all love it if you at least dropped them a comment or two!